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Healthy Aging Inside and Out

In the quest for longevity and beauty inside and out, there are no miracle cures, but what you put on your plate matters more than you think. Researchers have found that a plant-based diet rich in folate, antioxidants (vitamin C and vitamin E), vitamin A, vitamin D, and...

Top 5 Bedroom Lighting Mistakes That You Should Know

Do you ever know that lighting can enhance your excellency in life? do you ever know that there’s a lot of scientific examination that explains the bad sides of artificial lighting in your room?

Air Travel Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

Becoming a new mother comes with a lot of new information to learn and new habits to adopt. Luckily, there are tons of guides, books and apps out there to help new moms navigate this lifetime experience, especially for working moms who just want some tried and tested reviews of products and tips from fellow women who have already been through pregnancy and motherhood.

How to Handle Organic Wastes

With an increasing interest in organic foods, organic waste diversion is a growing concern in landfills. The constantly burgeoning world population has seen food production growing so intensive and millions of tons of food wastes and agricultural wastes produced every year.

Keep Cool: How to Choose the Right Type of Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

It may be the cool and cruel days of winter right now, with frigid temperatures all across the country. With all that cold, it’s hard to even remember what the heat feels like.

Easy Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Look Impeccable

Have you ever stepped inside a home where you feel comfortable and welcome right away? It may not be the house of someone close to you. Nonetheless, you still get that feeling of being right at home.

Find out what causes acne and how to deal with it

Acne is a common occurrence on skin, usually on the face due to the presence of pores which have the capability to be blocked easily by dead skin cells, oil, dirt or bacteria. In this situation, a pimple or zit may develop. If your pores get infected, you may suffer from acne. Acne is an extremely common skin condition especially in teenagers.

Beauty's New High: The CBD Dope

People are not just smoking cannabis but also growing fond of its compound- CBD by rubbing it into their skin. The cannabis plant compounds have incredible antioxidant and anti-radical properties and is considered the...

How Your Perspective in Life Changes with Age

While we age, our perception of life doesn’t age; it changes. Things that seemed of grave importance yesterday, suddenly seem trivial today, and vice versa. What you might not have noticed, however, is that some of our skills improve or don’t diminish as we age, which can affect our perception of life positively.

Moving Day Essentials

Moving day doesn’t have to be the stressful and difficult day that it looks on the surface, and with some smart planning, you can make sure that your moving day goes without a...