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The 10 Rules of Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Buying all those gifts for everyone on your list can get expensive and overwhelming. How much do you spend?

5 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Luxury Real Estate Agent

What does it take to be a luxury real estate agent? If you are looking for someone to show you the best on the housing market, here are the qualities to seek.

Home Upgrades For A More Glamorous Facade

Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but when it comes to your home, what’s on the outside is as important as the inside. The exterior of your house is like the cover of a book that...

Places In San Diego To Pre-Order A Holiday Pie

Who in their right mind doesn't love a slice of pie on Christmas Day? Whether it's the traditional Pumpkin Pie, berries or nuts, pie is a great way to end the meal. No Christmas meal would be complete without pie. Check out the best places to get your pie this Holiday Season!

The Differences Between a Solicitor and Conveyancer

Whenever the title of a property moves from one owner to another, it is referred to as conveyancing. Irrespective of whether you are selling a property or buying one, you will have to get the conveyancing process done to complete the property transaction.

How to Find the Right Family Lawyer

Family lawyers deal specifically with cases arising out of domestic situations. Hence, divorce, child custody, alimony, adoptions, surrogacy, child protection, paternity claims, etc. all fall within the ambit.

Thanksgiving Catering in San Diego

Here are 3 San Diego catering companies for easy Thanksgiving dinners.

Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Enjoy a decadent, gluten-free candied sweet potato fluff dish this Thanksgiving.

Chiffon Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Make your Thanksgiving dinner perfect with a pumpkin pie chiffon recipe.

How to Get Your Property's Value Prior to Selling

Whether you’re in the real estate business or you’re a homeowner looking to sell and move into another home, selling your property requires you to do a couple of things. The crucial part of selling a property is...