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Top Dentist

With gum disease affecting a surprising amount of the country, Dr. Valentina Obradovic had to take action. The San Marcos dentist became certified in the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, a treatment that eliminates diseased gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Strong, Mighty and Powerful

Imagine a realm where the strength and beauty of majestic creatures meet high-caliber human athleticism. Journey on an adventure of mythical proportions interwoven with spirited performances that defy human and equestrian confines.

Overview: EC-135 Eurocopter Luxury Helicopter

Helicopters just got a bit luxurious.

Fall Into Color

While the exteriors of our region’s Tuscan-style home are still rustic and sun-baked, many residents are now adding bold colors to their interior décor. After all, color is the latest trend, and Le Dimora Décor and Interior Design is on top of the style du jour.

New in Town October

San Diego's latest business additions including: 100 Wines Hillcrest, the newly renovated Hiatus Hotel in La Jolla along with Y-3 and Marso Home Collection.

Mirror, Mirror

Today’s scientific research in sustainable health care has enabled parallel advancement in cosmetic chemistry through medical research and clinical trials. With the onset of technology, sometimes faster and cheaper mechanical processing isn’t always the way.

Home Décor

Home By Baja creates custom one-of-a-kind products for its clientele.

FINE magazine August 2012

This is our home. And for this very reason, our August issue is wholly dedicated to celebrating San Diego living. From intimate shows at Anthology to dishes served at the newest Cohn restaurant to treasures uncovered in local boutiques, we unapologetically revel in all the beauty our city has to offer.

FINE magazine Trends: Global Notes

Take an international journey of scent. Must have scents for him and her.

Where to Stay in Bali: Infographic Guide

Long a popular travel destination, Bali is celebrated for its hospitality and topography, from its rice terraces to its ribbons of beaches. And the small Indonesian island is famous for its lavish take on opulent retreats. Here are 20 well-appointed villas to stop and smell the fragipani flowers.