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San Diego Moving Company's Bernado Moving & Storage was Voted Number One in San Diego

Since 1977, they have made it their business philosophy to take their family owned and operated moving company to another level. As Dave says, “We go above and beyond the nuts and bolts of packing, moving and storage. At the end of the day, it’s quality that counts.”

The History Behind Encinitas

Encinitas represents the quintessential California experience: luxury living with a relaxed attitude. The only way to “pocket” this type of moxy is to buy a home and live out the dream; surfing, shopping, sunsets, chic style, and that zip code.

Top 3 San Diego Botanical Gardens to Explore

These lush gardens are ready for exploring.

La Jolla: A Precious Gem

The origin of the name has been widely cited (urban legend?) as a version of the Spanish La Joya, meaning “the jewel”. With its rugged bluffs, ancient rock formations and seven unspoiled sandy beaches, La Jolla still sparkles like a precious gem

L’Auberge Del Mar Opens Fine Dining Restaurant Kitchen 1540

Beautifully re-designed restaurant comes back with a bang.

Restaurants in La Jolla Reviewed by Fine Magazine

Get the low down on La Jolla's best restaurants.

Fight the Aging Process: Get Tips from Dr. Scott Miller

As the New Year approaches many will make resolutions that will never be executed!! This year I challenge YOU to not be afraid to take the steps to fight the anti-aging process.

Childern's Heritage Foundation

Childern's Heritage Foundation whose mission is humanitarian efforts in Africa & the Dominican Republic where over 800 orphans are currently supported in the program.

Congratulations Nov. San Diego FINEST Winners!

Fine Magazine asked readers who is San Diego's FINEST, in genres of FINEST Performance Theatre, FINEST Custom Home Audio/Visual, Finest Catering Company, and FINEST Night Club, and the results were as expected with a tremendous outpour of votes.

18th Annual Heart of San Diego Gala

This event featured “Pulse of the Future,” which embodies the next generation of innovations taking place at the Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center located at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) campus.