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You are charged with a serious crime.  You need to begin immediately on your defense with an attorney who is going to work with you - and against the prosecution. You need an attorney who knows the system, the prosecutors, and the law.

Mary Frances Prevost handles state and federal felonies and misdemeanors. She has handled death penalty cases, murder cases, three strikes cases, serious and violent felonies, sex cases, international drug smuggling cases, domestic violence cases, & DUI homicide cases. Prevost tried the largest cocaine smuggling case in maritime history and won a 2-ton cocaine case in federal court when the prosecutors failed to prove their case in trial. She has won 18 DUI case in trial and was able to prove the crime lab fudged the results of a blood test. She investigates. She fights. She wins.

“My practice focuses on the diligent and zealous defense of individuals accused of a crime in the state and federal courts,” said Prevost, “the representation of clients through the pre-accusatory stages of a police investigation and the civil representation of clients who have been harmed by police abuse and/or government misconduct.”

The evidence may be stacked against you. The only way to unravel the prosecution’s case is for you to hire a tough, aggressive criminal defense attorney who is not scared to fight for your rights.


Prevost represents citizens harmed by police and government misconduct. These cases can be hard financially and emotionally on plaintiffs seeking compensation for the wrongs done to them and their families. The defendants are usually governmental entities that have never-ending resources, and will do whatever they can to protect a bad cop - even when they know they are wrong.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be intimidated. The political tides are turning and the courts and the public (and our juries) understands that the government and its actors are not always as honest as they claim to be.

Prevost won the largest settlement to date in a San Diego Police Department sex scandal involving former police officer Anthony Arevalos.

“I beat the city in trial when they wrongfully prosecuted my client for exercising his First Amendment rights at a Charger’s game,” said Prevost. That case is winding through the federal courts and has made national news. 

“I won a settlement against the Chula Vista Police Department resulting in the termination of the officer who brutally attacked my teenage client, “she concluded. “So, have faith. If police or government misconduct harms you, call me for a consultation. You do have options.”


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