Steven Riznyk & San Diego Biz Law

Photo: Steve Riznyk


Steven Riznyk , born in England, is a very unique individual and runs an even more unique firm. An entrepreneur since 13, a film director, a business consultant in Business Process Re-engineering, a polo player, and an avid animal lover, it is hard to describe him in one word. As someone who devotes 25% of his time to his own charity,, providing 100% of its profits to abandoned and abused dogs.

His firm, San Diego Biz Law, is the first in the country to combine business law and management consulting. After studying Strategic Management at Harvard, he became a consultant and felt there was a need to combine the two clients' rapid growth. Apart from consulting, the management division offers in-house film (for web sites) and infomercial production, business plan creation, and SEO for websites. Mr. Riznyk's aim is to help both small and large organizations forge a solid foundation for their businesses. The law firm deals in a number of areas of business law ranging from litigation and contracts to immigration, labor law, white-collar crime, and even DUI (as CEOs need help with those as well).

As one of the country's top high-level negotiators who has undergone international kidnappings, extortion, blackmail, career destruction and martial issue over the phone with money never changing hands (the hard part), he attributes the firm's success to the persuasive elements he is able to inject into every case.

As an animal lover, he created the Black Tie CEO Club in order to unite entrepreneurs in an environment where friendship comes first and business cards are not rapidly exchanged. The events he produces all have themes and surprises (you can see a sample on the bottom right of the homepage at The next event he is producing, with enthusiasm, is The Wedding From Hell and he is currently searching for volunteers & corporate sponsors; 100% of profits will go to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Awarded as one of San Diego's Top Attorney's