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Accelerated Academics, Inc. Launches a Home-Based Online K–12 Private School for Gifted and Talented Students

Accelerated Academics

Public schools may be appropriate for some students, but not everyone learns at the same rate. For those bored by the monotony of traditional classroom learning, Accelerated Academics, Inc. offers a perfect solution. This online California-based private school satellite program addresses the unique educational and personal needs of students with high intellectual and/or creative abilities. Perfect for a self- motivated student who loves to learn, Accelerated Academics is welcoming new students into its home-based program to learn at a pace tailored for their educational goals and lifestyles.

The brainchild of Dr. Jenelle Miller—a highly recognized national specialist in gifted education and a board member of the California Association for the Gifted—Accelerated Academics is the product of many years of experience in serving this unique, high-ability and talented learning community. With an emphasis on the needs and goals of their students, Accelerated Academics offers something most public schools don’t: individualization and flexibility.

“We focus on the individuality of the student, and we recognize and serve their personal and academic needs with [an] intensively differentiated curriculum,” comments Dr. Miller. “Our program integrates higher-level critical thinking skills utilizing numerous ever-changing methods and a highly challenging and vigorous curriculum developed by such universities as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, William and Mary and Northwestern, along with other highly-regarded curriculum sources.” Additionally, Accelerated Academics provides an ideal learning environment for highly talented students who engage in special interests requiring either frequent travel or absence from a traditional school setting in order to pursue their activities, training and events (i.e. equestrian, performing arts, ice skating, tennis, golf, surfing, etc.).

Often overlooked in the high-ability learning community are the needs of the Twice-Exceptional (2E) learner—those students who are intellectually gifted with one or more learning disability. Accelerated Academics has a profound understanding of and experience with aiding such students in the fulfillment of their academic goals and desires.

With a focus on the at-home learners and students whose needs are not being addressed in larger academic environments, Accelerated Academics is an unprecedented resource for everything from testing and evaluation to individualized learning plans and the maintenance of academic portfolios and transcripts. With individual and personal oversight, Dr. Miller and her staff meet the students exactly where they are and provide educational experiences which further develop their analytical reasoning, creative problem solving and evaluative thinking.

“We assess each student and choose curriculum that responds to the characteristics distinguishing that specific learner from other types of learners,” states Dr. Miller. “In addition to individualized coursework, we serve our students’ needs through regular in-home visits where students learn within their own safe and nurturing home environment.”

Parents see the difference this homeschooling program and home visits can make. One parent, Erin, says Accelerated Academics changed her daughter’s life. “Dr. Miller engages with [my daughter] in activities and correspondences that are catered toward my daughter’s very unique personality and learning style...” says Erin. “She feels confident and appreciated every time she gets a chance to spend time with ‘Miss Jenelle,’ and seeing her spark return as well as the stress lifted off of her shoulders has been such a relief for my family.”

Dr. Jenelle Miller is well-qualified to lead her students on the path to success. As the Director of Accelerated Academics, Dr. Miller is a strong leader and advocate in the field of gifted education. She is an adjunct faculty member and lecturer for the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education at the University of Iowa. She holds a doctorate degree in education (Ed.D.) and California and Iowa teaching credentials with a special endorsement in K–12 gifted education. Her numerous, full credentials are available online.

With teachers that excel in crafting a personalized learning experience, Accelerated Academics is the perfect alternative to traditional schooling. Check out their website for more information about Accelerated Academics.

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