Fashion by Adolfo Sanchez

Designer Adolfo Sanchez reveals inspiration behind dark fashion.

Robert John Kley

Designer Adolfo Sanchez's fashion will be on display at NYFW, showing off his dark gothic dresses bringing something fresh and new to the fashion world. An exclusive interview with fashion designer, Adolfo Sanchez. 

“A truly amazing designer is someone who lets their imagination run free, but still understands that the garments are to be beautiful, artistic, and wearable,” according to LA couture fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez.

“Setting myself apart from other designers isn’t something I seek out to do,” shared Sanchez.  “But, more of what I try to do is create and design garments that are beautiful but still unique and artistic. I love sheer, dark, sexy, but elegant garments, [and] the idea of having a garment that is provocative, daring, and yet still tasteful is what I love to create.” 

Adolfo Sanchez Dresses

Although Sanchez will be taking his brand abroad, he is primarily focused on building the brand in the U.S. first by showcasing his line at this year’s New York fall fashion week. Sanchez believes his collection of ready-wear women’s clothing will simultaneously lend itself nicely to the European boutiques, evoking a more elegantly provocative and sexy line of upscale women’s clothing; Sanchez feels that the European markets may have a more relatable and better understanding for his brand.

Early life

Developing a love for fashion in his early adolescence, and following the likes of iconic fashion predecessors such as Alexander Mcqueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Galliano, and his all-time-favorite designer, Thierry Mugler, Sanchez began to develop a romance for the world of fashion. He started in the industry working in retail for some of

the major fashion houses in the business including Gucci and Cavalli; in 2005 Sanchez began working for Versace where he acquired a desire to start a women’s line of clothing after falling in love with the woman’s silhouette and women’s evening wear. Purchasing a basic sewing machine and learning how to construct and manipulate basic patterns on his own, he began creating designs that were more interesting and unique in his eyes. He began creating pieces of artwork and found a great sense of fulfillment by having the fabric come to life and transforming his vision into reality. 

Soon after, Sanchez moved to Las Vegas in 2006 to begin his fashion endeavor, embarking on this journey of creating the Adolfo Sanchez line for women. Since then, it has been an amazing whirlwind of a ride, even being graced with the opportunity of dressing some celebrity personalities such as Janina Gavankar from the series True Blood.

Fashion shows

Adolfo Sanchez’s Autumn/ Winter 2011 Collection is heavily influenced by Goth/ Victorian designs with a modern feel; he loves instilling looks that are dark, sexy, and alluring with an elegantly intoxicating edge. 

Sanchez shared his belief that, “A truly amazing designer is someone who lets their imagination run free, but still understands that the garments are to be beautiful, artistic, and wearable. You have to always try to outdo yourself. Every season has to be refined and there has to be growth and constant challenges with every new collection.” 

Adolfo Sanchez