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With a technique that is rather distinctive, and an approach that garners a lasting impression, Darren Cecil is on a mission; hosting a clientele base that includes Qualcomm, SeaWorld San Diego, the Super Bowl and the San Diego Padres [among others], the go-to sales coach teaches ethics, honesty and attitude in relation to sales management and personal goals.

Since 1998, Cecil, president of San Diego Sales, Inc. – the San Diego licensee of the Sandler Sales Institute, has helped countless individuals and companies in honing and refining sales and sales management training. Creating lasting performance improvements coupled with support and reinforcement strategies, Cecil has become one of the most respected coaches and motivational speakers in Southern California. Here are his thoughts from a recent interview with FINE.


Q&A Section

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a coach and helping others with their business?
Cecil: The most rewarding aspect of being a sales coach is watching my clients change for the better – not solely in their professional life, but also perhaps more importantly, in their personal life as well.  Sure, they make more money and provide for their family which is wonderful; they also report having better relationships with spouses, family members, and their children. [And] that is what makes it worthwhile.

Q. How are your training methods in sales different than other companies specializing in sales coaching as well?
Cecil: Our training methods are quite different. I believe in on-going reinforcement training. I think that one-day seminars do not provide change. My clients come to me every week and learn a new behavior, or attitude; they practice it [in our office] and go out utilizing the newly acquired skill or technique. That is what produces lasting change and outstanding results.

Q. If you could give one suggestion for someone considering launching their own company, what would you tell them?
Cecil: The only advice I have is go for it. If you have a dream or a passion, why not start your business today. You cannot hit a homerun without ever getting up to the plate and swinging. 


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