Harvey Milk’s American Diner is American Comfort Food with a Twist

This modern eatery has re-imagined the classic American diner.

Inside the Harvey Milk Diner

Provided by The Harvey Milk Diner

Article Update: Harvey Milk's American Diner has permanently closed for reorganization. 

Named after Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected into public office in California, this modern eatery has re-imagined  the classic American diner. Offering American comfort food with a twist, late night cocktail lounge, and bakery, this diner offers something for everyone. Apart from the Stonewall breakfast, green eggs and ham, and made to order erotic cakes, they also serve some of the best hamburgers in town. The diner holds fundraisers every month to honor and support their community. “This is a place where we feed the souls of our community, and Harvey Milk was all about grass roots and the community,” said Frank Lechner, co-owner and managing partner. 

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