San Diego Charity Launches Inaugural Fashion Event with FINE magazine

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation launches inaugural charity fashion event to support families in need.

Brad and Beth Thorp

Staying stylish isn’t always about walking a runway. Trends come and go, but the spirit of giving is always in vogue. The Mitchell Thorp Foundation, in collaboration with FINE magazine, is preparing for the inaugural Under the Tuscan Sun Charity Event, “Pillars of Hope” scheduled to debut Sept. 6, 2014. The “Pillars of Hope” award ceremony will honor top practitioners, therapists, educators, and doctors, who act as beacons of strength throughout the communities they serve. Professionals of each field are chosen for their extraordinary service, advanced treatments, and spreading human values that encourage hope and faith to patients. Honorees of the evening include Dr. Mark Drucker, MD Center for Advanced Medicine, Dr. Seth Pransky, MD Rady’s Children Hospital, Kim Schulte, CN, Biodynamic Wellness and Ruth Westreich, President of the Westreich Foundation.

To donate or register for the “Pillars of Hope” Charity Fashion Show event visit

Tuscan-inspired cuisine and wine will gently nuance an Italian summer at the beautiful outdoor venue in Ciello Village, Rancho Santa Fe. Notable vendors from the health and beauty industry will be showcasing goods and services while guests enjoy live entertainment. A couture men and women’s fashion show will be the apex of the evening—highlighting trends for the coming season and helpful tips.

Founders Beth and Brad Thorp started The Mitchell Thorp Foundation after losing their son Mitchell to an ongoing
battle with an undiagnosed illness. Despite their devastation, the couple was not without faith. Their experience with Mitchell inspired strength to help other families going through similar hardship.

“The pain doesn’t go away,” said Beth. “And the walk we went down, nobody can imagine. But you take that grief and turn it into something beautiful.”
The Mitchell Thorp Foundation is just that—something beautiful—supporting and advocating for families whose children suffer from life threatening illnesses, diseases
and disorders.

“When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition it puts tremendous amounts of stress on the family. 24/7 care and hardship become a way of life,” Brad said. “Our purpose is to bring a sense of normalcy into their home environment and ease the family’s journey by providing them with medical and home assistance and our healing and wellness programs.  

The foundation’s primary mission is to provide emotional, financial and resource support for the whole family through our programs. “We pay the vendors directly to ensure the child’s needs are met,” said Brad. “We believe when communities of willing and giving hearts come together, miracles happen.”  

Through the foundation’s charitable donations, MTF has assisted numerous families in serious need. The goal of this inaugural event is to further raise awareness and create support for the foundation’s effort to expand the current assistance programs.

Beth and Brad have become emotional anchors for families through their perseverance. They’ve supported parents in solidarity during somber moments inside the ICU. It is through the memory of their son Mitchell that they find strength to share with others. The families assisted by MTF become a part of the couple’s extended family.

“We have walked the walk with them,” said Beth. “And they have become our network and new support system for other families.”