The Cellar Door is San Diego's New Supper Club

The Cellar Door owners, Logan and Gary

The art of parties—specifically private parties and supper clubs—is a mainstay of chic European cities like Paris, London and New York, but now it’s making its mark on the San Diegan culinary landscape, thanks to food devotees Logan Mitchell and Gary McIntire. These talented maestros open their home to eclectic groups of singular food lovers, who are, according to Logan, “adventurous, outgoing people.” Seated in the intimate setting of Logan’s home, the guests embark on gastronomic adventures that can include anything from a four course rabbit meal of

parsley, sage, and rosemary, to a 60’s-spirited Tiki offering that includes dishes like spam musubi and kalua pork sandwich on cardamom brioche buns. With monthly themed dinners and cocktails to boot, this amuse-bouche of a gem is creating ripples among the ordinary entrees of San Diego.

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