Saving Goldfish Lives

ScaleStop Plus TurboTAC Purifies Water and Improves Health

ScaleStop Plus TurboTAC saves goldfish

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Every year, thousands of children flock to the San Diego County Fair with weary parents in tow. The kids drag their parents through the throngs of people, bouncing from deep- fried hot dogs to carnival games galore, including one popular contest where children throw ping pong balls into little glass cups of water. Their prize? A petite orange goldfish swimming in a bowl just big enough to fit in two tiny palms.

With bright, youthful eyes, children take their winnings home—still splashing around in the bowl perched on their knees— excitement shaking their tiny hearts with laughter. It’s a pet all their own, something kids can name and take care of (mostly) by themselves... yet three days later, they’ll often find the unfortunate fish floating belly-up in its little glass bowl, soaked in the saltwater tears of an inconsolable child. Parents usually brush off the untimely deaths, claiming goldfish have shorter lifespans to make the child’s tears stop, but that’s not true. In reality, the common goldfish can live for around thirty years—but only if it has proper water conditions.

The frightening truth is that unfiltered tap water is often bogged down with harmful chemicals like mercury, copper or lead in staggering amounts—enough to poison a goldfish. And while adults, children and even dogs are certainly bigger and harder to kill than a goldfish, tainted water can still have adverse effects on consumers as the poor people of Flint, Michigan recently learned. While it’s impossible to control the quality of water that sweeps through our pipes, it’s very easy to manage what flows from our faucets with the right type of water filtration system. When it comes to high-quality, eco-friendly and American-made water filters, Next Filtration is the foremost provider throughout the country.

ScaleStop Plus TurboTAC by Next Filtration is a consumer- friendly filtration system designed to prevent hard water and promote healthy living. Brianna Scott, the National Factory Representative for Next Filtration and Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Bluewater Manufacturing Inc. (as well as a San Diego resident and accidental killer of San Diego County Fair goldfish), believes wholeheartedly in the health benefits of ScaleStop Plus TurboTAC. Explains Scott, “Heavy metals in drinking water are a significant health threat, [but] ScaleStop Plus can remove over 99% of all soluble lead, mercury, copper and other dissolved metals from water.”

ScaleStop Plus TurboTAC is no joke; the filtration system has been tested and certified by The Water Quality Association and includes advanced patented technology that not only removes harmful chemicals but retains advantageous minerals. 

“Most other systems in Southern California can take away the taste or odor of chlorine and chloramines as well as sediment, but that doesn’t help improve the health of the water. With our system, beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium are kept in the water while copper, lead and mercury are removed.” Adds Scott with a laugh, “It’s like having high-end mineral water flowing through your shower head.”

When it comes to cooking or washing your vegetables, high-end mineral water is exactly what you want, especially if—like the majority of San Diegans—you prefer eating farm-to-table and organic food. “I, like most women, buy all organic produce,” Scott acknowledges. “No pesticides, no chemicals... but if I wash my fruits and vegetables in unfiltered water, I’m exposing my clean, chemical-free food to the harmful chemicals in my pipes like mercury and lead. It’s such a waste, because my expensive, organic food isn’t really organic anymore, is it?” Just like the poor San Diego County Fair goldfish, organic produce can easily become steeped in harmful substances that shouldn’t go anywhere near our bodies, let alone in the food we eat or the water we drink.

Water should be pure and clean, without any dangerous additives, which is why Next Filtration takes great pride in providing a product that is eco-friendly and truly green—it produces no wastes or byproducts, only fresh, crisp water. Because, at the end of the day, promoting healthy living is what Next Filtration is all about. “We’re advocates of raising awareness about what’s in our water and how we can help others,” Scott says. “Educating people to our current systems is what matters.”

Awareness and education about your water system can keep your food organic, your family healthy and your goldfish swimming happily for the next thirty years. Next Filtration works hard to improve human health and save the lives of goldfish, one fishbowl at a time. 

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