Back to Basics: Pushing the Boundaries of Art and Fashion

Here’s an opportunity to connect with affluent business people, deal makers, trend setters and emerging artists in a unique and fascinating venue: Exhibit Ambush’s Back to Basics; the extraordinary fashion and art show that pushes the very boundaries of creativity, innovation and personal expression.

Since 2009, Exhibit Ambush has been putting together some really off-the-wall fashion and art-based charity events, featuring the works of local artists, performers and fashion designers in a way that’s engaging, appealing to the senses and deliciously wild, to say the least.

The goal behind these events is three-fold. They give local artists and designers a chance to show off their beautiful creations while raising funds for different charities and those in need of assistance. They also aim to “create an artistic movement and company that will bring in tourists, help improve the economy and open doors for our unique local talent.”

Exhibit Ambush's Unique Fashion Shows

Each event showcases something different—from sensational set designs to imaginative music, dance and poetry—Exhibit Ambush leaves no possibilities unexplored. This year’s show, Back to Basics, will feature stunning artwork made with unconventional and recycled materials for a viewing experience you won’t find at any other event.

Most of the proceeds are going to the Hidden Treasures Foundation, a San Diego nonprofit that provides housing, counseling and personal support to victims of human trafficking. Their overall mission is to help women and children caught in this vicious trade to develop the hope and strength they need to start a new life.

Exhibit Ambush Unique Fashions

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind fashion event or the opportunity to connect and hang with like minded professionals, local philanthropists and some brilliant, up-and-coming talents. It’s all going down on Saturday, March 7 in the Women’s Museum at Liberty Station, from 5-10 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Exhibit Ambush at or call Antoinette Ransom at (858) 538-6246.

You can learn more about the Hidden Treasures Foundation or make a donation at, or by calling (888) 373-7888.