Basement Packing Guide How to Pack a Basement for Moving

You need to pack your basement and prepare it for moving but you don't know where to start? Don't be worried, we got your back. Basement packing doesn't differ much from packing other rooms, but it has its own quirks. First of all, it is usually a part of a house that doesn't see that much activity, so it's usually less clean. Second, the basement holds many unnecessary things, and that may be challenging if you decide to pack it. And the basement also holds some special items that are found only found there. So, if you want to find out how can to pack a basement for moving, read this article and your life will be easier.

Basement Packing Guide How to Pack a Basement for Moving 

Don't move on your own

Some people think that moving on your own is actually less expensive than moving with the help of the moving company. That is absolutely not true. Those people don't consider the hidden costs of moving without the help of professionals. First, consider the potential damage your stuff can sustain. Moving companies are responsible if they do something to your stuff while moving. And they usually won't break or damage your stuff. Just ask That is usually not the case when people decide to move on their own. Heavy and bulky stuff is hard to transport, and they even can lead to injuries. Just consider the potential medical costs if you sustain an injury while you are moving. And finally, you probably don't have the capacity of moving all of those stuff on your own.

Basement Packing Guide How to Pack a Basement for Moving Basements are often quite dirty.

Declutter before you pack your basement for moving

Call in some help, you'll need it

First of all, you need to declutter your basement. Basements are usually dirty and full of clutter due to neglect. If we can't decide what to do with something, we usually put it in the basement. Same goes if we replace something of value in the house. So, in order to prepare your basemen for packing, you need to declutter. First,  muster some numbers. Doing it yourself can take you ages. So, call your family or friends in help, they probably help you. Don't forget to repay them in some way. Buy them a drink or a nice dinner afterwards.

Sell online or organize a backyard sale

After that, you can put all of your stuff into different kinds of piles. We recommend putting (or writing down) all of your basement items into three piles. Pile 'A' should be for stuff you can sell. Organize a backyard sale for stuff you don't need anymore. Just know that stuff should be in good condition so you can find buyers. You'll be amazed by how many people will show up if you decide to sell stuff from your house. But in this day and age you can simply sell your stuff online. There are many websites that organize online selling of used stuff. Buyers are everywhere and trust us, you'll sell most of of your stuff. By selling your unnecessary stuff, you can get some quick money to cover your moving expenses.

Donate some of your stuff

Donation is a very humane act of giving to those who are in need of stuff. Basements quite often have in them stuff that people don't use anymore, like used clothes and toys. Donation centers are always in need of clothes and toys, so do the right thing and donate those stuff. Ask your friends and neighbors if they need something you have. Usually, people don't reject free stuff, especially if they are in need of them. So, the 'B' pile should be for stuff you can donate.

Pile 'C' - the 'doom' pile

The last of your piles should be for stuff you can't either sell or donate. Simply throw away stuff you can't donate nor sale. But be careful, some of the stuff people hold in basements can be quite dangerous, so make sure you dispose of them properly. Read the labels or inform yourself through the internet to find out how to get rid of potentially dangerous stuff. Anyhow, don't hoard all you have, That's the general rule. You don't want to transport everything you have with you in your new home. Transport will be more costly, and you'll have to find space for them in your new home. What's the point of moving to a new environment if you're going to move your clutter from one place to another. And make sure you have your belongings stored in a public storage unit. You'll need a place for them.

Basement Packing Guide How to Pack a Basement for Moving Hire a storage company.


Acquire as many supplies as you need. Simply make a one-day trip to a local supermarket to buy them. You'll need different kinds of supplies, depending on the item you're going to transport. So, what supplies do you need? You'll need:

Boxes. No packing can be imagined without boxes. Their job is to be filled with things, and your job is to acquire them. Make a measurement of some of your stuff and buy boxes that'll fit them. Buy different kinds of boxes for different stuff you have in your basement.

Padding. Maybe you have some delicate stuff in your basement, like some kinds of electronics. For electronics, it is best to use the package they've come in. But if you don't have that anymore, buy a box that can hold that item and fill it with padding. Sometimes, padding can simply mean a bunch of paper or old socks. For heavier stuff, you can even use blankets.

Tape. You'll need it. Just buy it.

Turn off everything 

Basement can be a place where many of our devices and machines are stored in. Those are machines that are tied to water supply, heating and so on. Before you move, make sure that you have turned everything off. Leaving something on can be potentially dangerous, and can lead to a catastrophe. Also, make sure to take out the water from your heating system, since it can damage it. Double-check every device you own, not just ones that are located in your basement.