Be Prepared and Enjoy: How to Travel with Ease



Traveling during this time of year or closer to the holiday season shouldn’t be stressful since several major airlines are hosting a number of deals. Those who take flight in the air want to be confident that they’ll get to their destination with ease. Flying on a Boeing 737 is having a great experience and what’s more is being able to know that the standards are high in safety as well as having low airfares.


Kulula airlines have subject to having mounted of ‘tongue and cheek’ humor with their passengers during safety demonstrations. During a delay at the runway, airlines that take an approach such as this right before a long destination flight keep passengers calm where tension is normally high. It’s naturally one of South Africa's top domestic airlines to fly because of these communication elements. Affordable rates and specials year-round help during the busiest season. During the holiday season, you’ll find them periodically on their official website. (Comair owns the airline flight; they run the British Airways in South Africa as well.)


Elements of ease, the flight experience


Flying in (SA) South Africa has to be a memorable and beautiful experience.


Here are some of the criteria airline customers are suggesting they should have for an easy flight experience.

- Low-cost domestic flights

- Sense of humor from flight attendants

- Good quality beverages and snacks for sale or free would be nice

- Communication from the airline pilot

- In-flight reading material

- Audio entertainment

- Safety demonstrations with tongue and cheek humor

- Easy to read flight costs on the official website

- Specials and flight deals given to regular frequent flyers

- Security and boarding should be easy without delays


During this time of year, celebrating with friends and family is nothing new during the holiday season. In this case, booking a flight with the least amount of hassle is what everyone wants when they fly to their SA destination. One of the major hassles spoken about regularly is having to go through the “maze of airport passenger” lines. It’s those “carrier fees and regulations” that may be what keeps us steering away at times, but when we want to visit or take a vacation during the holiday season, we must get through it.


Here are some helpful tips which will help you get through your flight this time of year with ease.


1. Smaller airports or domestic airports


Smaller airports or domestic airports almost always offer an easy flight path. The reason is there are smaller lines and check-ins because of security lines being smaller as well. There’s also less crowds and easier parking because of the small number of customers.


2. Try to book the tickets as soon as you find out


Try to book the tickets as soon as you find out you are going to fly via the airlines. It helps get you connected to the best deals and seats. You want to purchase them immediately. The reason is because during this time of year, non-stop flights may be readily available. Besides, who really wants to change planes or go through layovers?


3. Travel during the day of the holiday season


There is a rumor that is said to have started with those who actually have traveled during the actual holiday season. The rumor is to travel on the actual holiday. Yes, traveling or taking flight on a Thanksgiving or Christmas Day has less traffic in the airports. Whereas, on the night or day before these holidays, it’s packed! Most airlines will land on arrival time right before the turkey is out of the oven!


4.factor in those luggage fees


When you are comparing all your fees and fares so you can purchase your tickets, you should factor in those luggage fees. Most airlines will give you a free carry-on bag and personal item though. What they may not tell you in large print is the “gifts” you must take your entire family. Some airlines may charge for a second bag as well and there could be a cost.


5. Apply for all the documentation needed for your children


When you travel with infants, don’t think they can fly for free. They also need passports too. Even if your child is only 5 months old, s/he needs a passport. Therefore, with this in mind, apply for all the documentation needed for your children in advance to avoid any delays.


Finally, take into consideration that most people want to have a safe and easy flight this holiday season too. Even if you are going on a business trip, you should consider these tips to keep your flight experience fun and with much ease. There are so many things that can happen which can delay your plans so one way to ensure you have a successful trip is to be ready. You’ll enjoy your traveling with ease if you plan ahead of time. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed if you do, especially having not to experience any delays or setbacks at the airport if you do this. Having a great time is half the fun, but it's flying with ease that's the other half that makes it fun.