Beauty Tips For Hair Loss

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Lace Wig

Hair Loss San Diego Women

There are plenty of ways to cover, disguise and even correct hair loss. One option, currently popular within celebrity culture, is lace wigs. Which are a Godsend for people who suffer from hair loss, but dream of wearing high ponytails without covering or disguising thinning hair. Lace wigs were popularly used in dramatic plays and movies but have recently moved over to mainstream fashion. The wigs are made of hair crocheted into an almost transparent lace cap, strands at a time. It is very tedious to create but will give the illusion of a human scalp when finished. Most lace wigs come in three different pieces. A partial lace front only has lace at the top, to give the illusion of a middle part, while a lace front covers the sides and top of the head, making it ideal for a half up half down ponytail and free part. Finally, a full lace covers the top, sides, and back of the head, providing full coverage. Where there is no lace extensions, tracks of hair are weaved together to form the rest of the wig.

To wear this wig you MUST have it styled before application. Most stylists pluck the lace to make the hairline appear more natural and bleach the knots where the hair was initially tied to the lace. This is done to camouflage the knotted strands. After the styling is complete, some stylists sew the wig to braided hair, while others sew and use a special lace adhesive to avoid lifting, some apply the wig with clips, elastic bands or as is. Lace wigs are a great option because they help with natural hair growth and do not require constant manipulation.