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Hair Loss San Diego Women


To disguise hair loss you can also use spray dyes for minor thinning areas and extensions. If you want to go the permanent or semi-permanent route, Advanced Aesthetic Hair is your best option. This salon/hair restoration clinic is located in Sorrento Valley and founded by Melinda Galloway, who is certified in Trichology. Due to her own struggle with “Trichotillomania" (an anxiety disorder associated with hair-pulling), she decided to bridge the gap between styling and restoration. It’s a great place to go if you don’t feel comfortable entering a classic salon.


Hair Loss San Diego Women

At Advanced Aesthetic Hair, Galloway specializes in hair loss solutions, recovery therapies, and salon services. She performs an invisible hair replacement, which is a medical grade adhesive that grafts “skin to skin” or an adhesive with hair attached, directly to the skin. You can wear it like your own hair for 4-8 weeks and it does no harm to your natural hair. To recover hair, one of the techniques she performs is a healthy scalp therapy which “cleans[ses] the scalp to remove excess sebum and to open up pores to gain maximum absorption of the products into the hair follicles. Agents to counteract the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are then deposited into the pores to stimulate hair follicular activity.” Essentially, she opens up the pores and puts anti-hair-loss products into the pores to promote healthy hair growth. Galloway then uses painless laser treatments and scalp massages to stimulate growth. Her salon options include organic hair coloring, along with hair and wig cuts. Before she does this she performs “a thorough consultation, stress relieving scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, followed by a relaxing shampoo, condition, shaping, and styling of the hair.” Now, that's what I like to call a Queen’s treatment!

Galloway performs many other hair treatments you can view on her website


Whatever method you choose you are going to look fabulous. Remember every woman deserves to feel beautiful, women with thinning hair are no different.  

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