Beginner’s Guide to Utilities

You may have moved out to your new residence, and all the excitement is in the air – with a perfect location, elegant finishes, ample space, wonderful neighbors, and all the go stuff about moving into a new place. However, it might be all caught up with the excitement that you end up forgetting the not so exciting things; utilities. 


These utilities, such as gas, electricity, cable, and internet, are essential in someone's average life –,, especially in this era. Without adequately taking enough caution and time to ensure that you get the best services, you might get sub-standard products and services.


Furthermore, there is a high likelihood of you being forced to pay unreasonably high costs every month. If you have just moved into your new house, there are several steps you ought to undertake to be safer.


How to Set Up Utilities


When setting up utilities, one has two basic options to choose from: establish new accounts or transfer the existing utilities to the new home. Doing this is also highly dependent on how far away from the previous settlement you will be going. If it is just across the town, you may request your utility provider to prepare for the transfer.


However, if the place is going to be far, you may have to cancel the subscription and request to be set in up in your new location. If the current provider does not service your new area, you may have to look for another utility providing company.


The utilities to set up


Before you move into your new location, you will have to go through the tenant-landlord agreement to see which utilities you have to cater to. Alternatively, you may get that information from your landlord.


The most common utilities you should prepare to be responsible for are:


  • Water and sewer

  • Internet and cable

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Trash collection

  • Alarm/security systems


To save yourself time and double-work, you can ask your landlord on their preferred recommended utility connection service. For instance, your home may have been already set up or wired to receive utilities from one specific company. Liaising with your landlord helps you to get the best providers for that region.


Making sense of utility bills


When you need to move, some utility bills may seem complicated to comprehend. This is because all utility providers are not the same; hence, their billing structures and terms vary. 


Some providers may need to charge you a transfer fee that is if you will need to have the utilities transferred to a different location. Once any services are shut off, you should get ready to receive a final bill, which you should clear in time, before the transfer is made. 


In some cases, it will be the utility companies which ‘owe’ you money. For example, if you have paid for trash collection, for the entire month, and would be moving out before the month ends, then the company would still have your money. If you had signed an agreement with them before you started receiving their services, then it won’t be hard getting back your balance. 


Getting a utility connection service is a seamless process as long as the company is trusted. Get in touch with your preferred provider well in advance before moving in or out, and save yourself the last-minute rush.