Behind The Scenes of FINE Magazine’s Bridal Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes With Our Bride and Groom

Photos by Heather Winfield

April Showers bring May Flowers, and we couldn’t be happier about it! How exquisite do these ronoculus, jasmine, and roses look? This bridal bouquet was put together by Kim Pines and admired by us all during our time at the Botanic Gardens in Encinitas.

The San Diego Botanic Gardens is a gem with numerous beautiful gardens to stroll through. We took our photographs on The Victorian Gazebo Lawn, a venue where weddings take place. We loved the natural lighting for the photoshoot, and we also love that some shots look completely dramatic! The plunging bridal gown neckline, extravagant up do, defined cheekbones, serious gaze, and diverse florae surrounding our exquisite couture bride all contribute to the drama that we love.  

San Diego Botanic Gardens

The dresses were courtesy of The Bustle Boutique in Del Mar and Archive Bridal in Carlsbad.

We worked as a team to put together these looks and were in awe of the final product! Mirror Me makeup and Studio Savvy Salon contributed to the beautification of our models. Our male model Marcelo had his hair sleek while Elena, our bride, wore her curled hair in an extravagant up-do. The couple’s look was simply enchanting. The white veil, translucent enough to show off their beautiful faces, is one of our favorite shots. Susie Talman, our talented photographer, adored the free flowing veil that decided to play in the breeze. While the polished models sat on the bench, we took advantage of their proximity and threw the veil overhead creating an enchanted look! 

San Diego Botanic Gardens

The couture bridal theme was soft and romantic, with help from our collaborators! If you’re interested in collaborating with us for either an online or in-print photoshoot, please send an email to

Photographer: Susie Talman
Hair Stylist: Deena Von Yokes at Studio Savvy Salon
Wardrobe: Archive Bridal and The Bustle Bridal Boutique
Makeup Artist: Mirror Me by Eileen Haligowski
Florist: Kim Pines
Models: Marcelo Mancini and Elena Uvarova