Best Beauty Tips on Eyeliners that will change your Life


How to save your time and be a Pro!


Eyeliner is one of the most integral parts of your makeup look. Sure, the artistic cat-eye and smoky-eye gazes are all about the liner, but even some of the most natural makeup has some type of eyeliner involved.

Eyeliner is a sneaky way to subtly get attention to your eyes, make lashes look longer, your eye color more vibrant, and even look more awake.

Knowing what color, where to put it, and how to apply it, are key skills that any makeup lover, should have in her beauty routine. Here we explain to you some beauty tips on how to master those skills, for amazing and beautiful eyes.

There are 3 Basic Types of Eyeliner:

  • Pencil, gel, and liquid. Each of them has its own special application and skill level.
  • The pencil is the most common (and easiest) type and perfect for an everyday look. In addition to keeping them clean and bacteria-free, sharpening your pencil ensures you can get your line as close to your lash line, as humanly possible.
  • Gel eyeliners typically come in a pot and are applied with a brush. Gels have an amazing creamy consistency, so they can glide across the eyelid, without pulling like a pencil can. The only problem with gel liners is that they can dry out faster than other formulas.


The most advanced eyeliners are the liquid category. The inky beauties are unparalleled in creating cat-eye and other dramatic eye shapes.

Once we got acquainted with which eyeliner to use in which scenario, we went hunting for the best hacks to make wearing it easy.


  1. To make eyes look bigger, try taupe liner.  It adds subtle drama and makes eyes look bigger without making them look heavy.


Fiona Stiles, celebrity beauty makeup artist says “I smudge it all around the lash line, top, and bottom or swipe it on the waterline”.


  1. Use Mascara as a liner when you are in a rush time.  When you are in a rush, “try using your mascara as liner”, says makeup artist Moani Lee. “I curl lashes and then add two to three coats of mascara, pressing and bolding the lash and into the root of the lashes without wiggling it.


This deposits mascara between the roots, which has an eye-opening effect without the eyeliner.


  1. Trace your cat-eye with a pencil first. If you are going for a more precise look that requires liquid eyeliner, first draw the shape you want with a soft brown liner.


“It’s a lot easier to clean up than liquid liner and then you can perfect the shape with minimal risk”, explains Stiles.


  1. Use a Post-it to perfect your cat-eye. To avoid that sinking feeling as you step back from the mirror and realizing your two wings are working, try that trusty desk staple: the Post-it.


“Place it from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow”, advice makeup artist Troy Surratt.“It helps direct the flick, like a guide to make sure they are even on each side”.


  1. Makeup Primer is better than makeup remover, for erasing mistakes.

This seems counter-intuitive.  But unless you have a really careful hand, you risk getting remover everywhere-including where you didn’t  screw up. Plus, the oil in the makeup remover will simply cause the liner to drag, even more, says makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes.


Instead “Polish up the shape and precision with a small synthetic brush dipped in a Primer”, says Hughes. This smooths out the edges while ensuring longevity and water resistance”.  A Q –tip also works.


  1. Smudge eyeliner with a concealer brush for a smoky effect. “When I am applying eyeliner, I coat a smallish brush-like a concealer brush-by running it back and forth against the tip of the eyeliner, until the brush is well coated. Then I use that to smudge the liner on”, says Stiles.


Unless the look you want, requires precise lines or edges, it’s ten times easier to do this since a brush gives you more control. This is especially handy for those with monolids. “Coated a thick line with the brush and buff it out”, advises Lee. “It has a soft eye-opening effect”.


  1. Create a dramatic cat-eye in smaller steps. There is no way of putting it nicely: liquid liner is the worst.  But it also gives you super inky-color, a clean edge, and it can stay put for hours.  A pen-like brush like Surratt Beauty helps with precise lines, and it also helps to break the process into three separate steps.


“First perfect the flick at the end makeup each flick is even and the same width, as well as symmetrical”, says Surratt. Then do a really thin line over the tear duct at the inner corner, connecting it to the wing at the end. Finally, fill in your winged outline.


  1. Match your liner and your shadow for an unexpected Combo.

Not only does doubling your shadow and liner make it budge-proof, but it’s also ultramodern.

“I love a liner that matches the eyeshadow”, says Stiles. You still get the definition, but it will look cooler and more modern, than just using predictable black.


  1. Look down into your mirror for better precision. Good News! Instead of using your bathroom mirror, place a handheld mirror on the counter, below your chin.


“Look down into it, so, you don’t have to contend with your lashes as you would if you were looking straight on”, says Surratt.


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