Best Bed Frames That Aid Good Sleep

In today’s hyper-fast society, a good night’s sleep is becoming harder and harder to come by. The light pollution and noise of city life added to waking up early and working long hours mean that many people today suffer from an unhealthy lack of sleep. There is a growing awareness in the healthcare industry of the harmful effects of not getting enough sleep, with links to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes becoming ever more apparent. 

Seeing as we each should spend around a third of our lives in our beds, it is surprising that people do not invest more in quality sheets, pillow, mattresses and bed frames. The following is an evaluation of which type of bed frame to choose if sleep quality is among your priorities when you are looking to buy a new bed.

Metal Bed Frames

The most basic type of bed frame is made from metal and sits on a small set of wheels. Some models include the possibility of attaching a headboard or footboard to the ends of the frame. Supported by a metal strip that runs from end to end, the main advantage of metal bed frames is their low cost. A disadvantage is that beds with metal frames are usually more prone to moving around as a person turns over in the night and do not offer the quality of sleep provided by other more sturdy bed frames.

Divan Bed Bases

Divan beds consist of a mattress and divan base. Although not as fashionable as other bed types, divan beds have several noteworthy advantages over frames. Firstly, divan bed bases are fully customizable and can be adapted to the design of your bedroom. Bases can be upholstered in flowery patterns or stylish leather and have the added benefit of incorporating a set of drawers to add extra storage space to your room.

Wooden Bed Frames

The bed frame which undoubtedly offers the best quality of sleep while affording your bedroom a touch of class is the wooden bed frame. Made up of a sturdy oak or pine construction and finished with high-quality varnish, wooden bed frames are built to last. This durability is a good thing as wooden bed frames will often represent a significantly larger outlay to the customer. When it comes to sleep, however, the price is worth it. Due to the stability and build-quality of wooden bed frames, a sleeper will not be awakened by creaking sounds or involuntary movement during the night and is likely to enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you like to keep things local, go to your nearest hardware store for a selection of the best Australian made bed frames.

One in three of us today suffers from poor sleep as a result of screens and stress. While the range of beds on the market is enormous when it comes to looking out for the long-term health of you and your family, ensuring a high-quality sleeping arrangement is not something you should sleep on!