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What Is Craft Beer?

Researching Craft Beer And Its Best Breweries In New York.


While I spent most of my college years studying food, the topic of beer usually came up in some class. Just after I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America located in Hyde Park, New York, The Brooklyn Brewery opened up a brewery on campus. With the help of some of the professors, the college began its own brewery and started teaching classes about the brew making of beer. As many know, The Brooklyn Brewery is just one of the many craft beer breweries throughout New York. Some others include The Flagship Brewery and The Bronx Brewery. All three of these breweries are located throughout the tri-state area in New York. Each one of them has their own different beer, but all create craft beer.

Craft beer has been up and coming in the recent years and has made quite the name for itself in New York. What is craft beer you ask? Craft beer can be described as little as just a few words – traditional, small, and independent. These three words describe the craft beer business as a unique, small, traditional, and independent business. Each brewery that creates craft beer starts small and takes the leap of faith of going quite far in the industry. They all use traditional ingredients that Craft beer is made from such as malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. Each brewer takes their beer to a whole different level as they branch out and mix and match beers to make their unique and signature flavors.

Many brewers who brew craft beer just like the three breweries discussed find some type of way to interact and connect with their customers. Craft beer these days is intrigued by food; therefore, it pairs well with a lot of food in the culinary industry. If you look at today’s industry, you will see that both beer and wine are paired very often with different meals. And this is one aspect of the industry that one of the breweries – Brooklyn Brewery - itself interacts with its customers as. The Brooklyn Brewery connects with its customers through food and beer it gives the customers a different outlook on craft beer itself.

With craft beer being as traditional and small as possible, the breweries still manage to grow. However, they all still manage to use their traditional ingredients as discussed. Today, the hype about craft beer is that it is mainly being localized. Craft beer as said is very traditional and that would explain why older men and even women are enjoying such a hot commodity in the industry. If you know craft beer, you know that it does not really reach anywhere out of its own town or city. This is the hype these days – to keep craft beer as simple and traditional as it can be and to serve its old cliché guys who wait hours for the new beer to be released.

Just recently there was an interview done with The Flagship Brewery and its Women’s Craft Beer Society. Well it was not necessarily recently but maybe about a year ago. Paste Magazine interviewed the brewery concerning its Women’s Craft Beer Society. The Flagship Brewery is located in Staten Island and the first meeting for the Women’s Craft Beer Society was held at The Flagship Brewery by one of local brewers based in Brooklyn, Katarina Martinez. Katarina Martinez is a brewer at Lineup Brewing located in Brooklyn, New York, just as the Brooklyn Brewery is. During her interview, she shared a bit of her story and how she got into craft brewing herself. Many do not think that women are apart of the craft brewing experience or in fact brewers them own selves. However, women are starting to seep themselves into the beer experience. They are becoming more intact with how craft brewing works. And though many do not know much about craft beer, they are embracing it!

The Bronx brewery being based in Bronx, New York opened in 2011, after many years of there not being a craft beer brewery in the Bronx. The last brewery to close in the Bronx, closed somewhere in the 1960s. It was a huge step for this brewery to open up and take shop. Located in my old hometown, just like the other breweries, they are as traditional and unique as possible. Normally you see beer on the shelves but just like the last two breweries are you ever able to find their beer anywhere else than in the area of the Bronx. This brewery started quite small just as any other brewery. And craft beer is making its name in the Bronx itself. The Bronx is up and coming and so the beer is setting itself up for quite the ride. This brewery changes their craft brew up quite a bit by sticking different ingredients to make their unique beer. They deal with simple ingredients like lemon, lime, coffee, and just simple ingredients. Those in which make great beer altogether.

Each of these breweries has started out very small and have each grown quite a bit. The Brooklyn Brewery growing more than the smaller two, but doing quite well. They moved to The Culinary Institute Of America and teach students how to brew beer. Just as discussed from traditional ingredients. The Flagship Brewery branching on teaching women about craft beer, which is a great thing. Being a woman and learning how to brew beer from traditional ingredients is a great thing and many have no taste for beer but have started to acquire a taste for it. Overall, it has brought women together and people together ultimately. The Bronx Brewery itself is setting out to expanding but as always to use traditional ingredients with the help of simple ingredients. They also are expanding the women population and branching out to helping women understand the craft beer process as well. It is great to see that some breweries are inspiring women to get into the craft beer brewing business.

Overall, craft beer has quite the hype and even today women just like men are very much involved!