Best Dessert Restaurants in San Diego

Best Dessert Restaurants in San Diego

Where To Go When You Get a Sweet Tooth?


Having a great dessert place in mind can turn any day into a “sweet, sweet fantasy”. Whether you’re hanging out with your friends or family, taking a stroll with the kids, or just want to grab a dessert with your sweetheart, your go-to spots for variety of delicious desserts doesn't need to be searched. Have them on your mind and tip of your tongue to recommend to whomever your with.

We’re bringing some of the best in San Diego while the rest is up to your craving taste buds:

Ghirardelli Chocolate and Ice-Cream Shop

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At Ghirardelli’s you’ll be welcomed with the old movie theater entrance, friendly servers serving ice-cream while you’re sitting down on the sunny patio, an amazing chocolate selection to bring home, and a free sample of a Ghirardelli signature chocolate square which will make you remember to come back soon. Ice-creams and sundaes are creamy and delicious no matter which flavor or combination is your dearest one. The variety of choices, on both ice-cream and chocolate areas of the store, are almost endless for anyone who likes to enjoy some sweet notes quite often. Sitting down on the outdoor patio in sunny San Diego will take you back, or forward with daydreaming on your future trip to an Italian ice-cream shop just like this one.


Extraordinary Desserts

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When you find out this dessert restaurant has been founded and managed by a San Diego native who studied pastry-making in France and travels often around the world to get her inspiration for creating new goodies, then you can be confident of in entering this extraordinary place. Karen Krasne is the owner behind this dessert and pastry Mecca. Offering deliciousness in the form of fresh fruit tartlets, extraordinary brownies, cookies, Danishes, scones, cicadas, strudels, Pithiviers, and so much more - this place has it all! Pick, choose, and try anything, you’ll be the next one raving about this place.

The Baked Bear

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Two childhood friends, Rob Robbins and Shane Stanger, decided they needed to serve the most amazing ice-cream sandwiches in their hometown of San Diego. The Baked Bear is that place where all your childhood dreams will come true in getting your dream combination of their original ice-cream recipe and homemade cookies and brownies. They offer to roll your sandwich through various toppings that will maximize your desire to pay a visit to one of Baked Bear’s locations.


Frost Me Gourmet

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Located in Seaport Village at San Diego Harbor, Frost Me Gourmet is a premier cake and cupcake bakery that you’ll want to remember for many reasons. One is, this place can do magic with cupcake decorations and flavors for any occasion. Another one, if not better, Frost Me Gourmet participated at Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” and became a Cupcake War Champion. Check this gourmet spot for many of these and many other reasons you’ll find on your future visits.

Le Parfait Paris

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Striving to take their customers on a journey to Paris, with their selection of pastries, baked goods, and desserts, Le Parfait Paris invites everyone to swing by the Gaslamp Quarter and check out their freshest selection. This French bakery will provide more than just a sweet corner of desserts, you can treat yourself with a French breakfast, some classic crepes, quiche aux epinards, or take a baguette to go. Le Parfait Paris is one of those places that you want to have in mind often since their selection is so great and rich that you’ll want to come back to try something new over and over again.