Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Five of the Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Because Fido wants to go too!

Dogs are more than pets: they are family. The entire family can and should be invited to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, right? Well, many restaurants are not dog-friendly merely due to health code requirements, but sometimes we just want to grab a meal out and not have to leave our pups at home alone. Stick around and together we’ll walk through five of the best Dog-Friendly restaurants in San Diego where
bothyouand your furry friends can hang out!


Breakfast Republic


We must begin with the most important meal of the day of course: breakfast. One spot to hit with the entire clan, including those with a wagging tail, would be the Breakfast Republic. This dog-friendly spot has multiple locations in San Diego: North Park, Liberty Station, Encinitas, East Village, Ocean Beach, Carmel Valley, and Pacific Beach, meaning whichever area you reside in this beautiful city a family breakfast with pup in tow always remains attainable.  Breakfast Republic prides itself on being an innovative breakfast destination for those who love American breakfast classics with a twist. Do you love pancakes? Great, BR has some loaded with Oreos. Are you more in the mood for a savory breakfast? Perfect, because BR has buttery shrimp and grits that will sedate that breakfast craving. As a dog-friendly restaurant, pups are allowed on the outdoor patios, which are adequately shaded for those scorching hot days that are sure to make a comeback this summer. Grab a cold one to help you cool off if you happen to attend on a warm morning. Breakfast Republic features a rotating list of 20 beers on tap, which are available as samplers to compliment the wide array of unique dishes they serve.


Slater’s 50/50


Are you looking for a day out with the dogs? Hit up Slater’s 50/50 outdoor patio for some high-quality burgers and beer with your dog this weekend! Slater’s 50/50 has 11 popping locations 2 of which are located in the San Diego area. Slater’s originated in Anaheim Hills, California and has won many “Best Of” awards for their burgers and beers. With a menu meant to defy the norm, Slater’s 50/50 is renowned for their original 50/50 patty, which is half ground bacon and half ground beef, a mouthwatering combination for any burger lover. Maybe burgers are just not your jam? You are in luck because the menu has been expanded since its original foundation in 2009 to include food items to match any craving. Award-winning burgers and craft beer are the shining stars of this hot spot burger joint, but anything from flatbread style pizza to salads, and other healthy options are also available. At Slater’s they seek to be anything but boring and push their culinary envelope to include only the best ingredients for the best entrees. With a menu that provides customization based on guest preference any diner can have a completely unique and original meal with the company of a furry friend (or two) as well!


Duck Dive


Planning on spending the day at the dog beach? Will you need some food to refuel after? “Dive in” to Duck Dive in Pacific Beach with your dog for some great eats, and a look at their incredible list of 20 rotating beers they keep on draught. Besides beer, Duck Dive also serves cocktails with an “off the beach” flair that makes them both delicious and fun. Duck Dive carries a menu that takes on American classic dishes as well as coastal favorites. Its ambiance is due to the ingrained surf and beach culture that the Pacific Beach area has exemplified for years. Duck Dive maintains an open-air concept that makes it a great location for socializing and meeting new people just a few steps away from the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps you and your dog could make a few friends! The staff can even bring a water bowl out to the patio for your pup and any of their canine friends to sip on.


Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ


Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ is a top spot for all dogs around! With an open and spacious dog-friendly patio your furry friends are in the lap of luxury with ease of access to water and a complimentary bone to nibble on while you dine. Bull’s specializes in real Carolina-Style slow-cooked meats accompanied by gourmet sides and friendly service. Established in 2009, Bull’s keeps it real by making all food in-house.  From homemade mac and cheese to cornbread, Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ has all the comforting barbeque you could ask for. Bull’s takes the most pride in their meats. Their chicken, salmon, and ribs are smoked upwards of 3 hours, while the pulled pork and brisket are smoked for a whopping 11-14! Fido is sure to be begging for a taste of those succulent meats you are inclined to order, but hopefully that complimentary bone keeps them busy enough for you to finish!


Extraordinary Desserts


Ending on a sweet note and a triple threat! Drinks, desserts, and… dogs, of course! Extraordinary Desserts is a San Diego based coffee and pastry shop with two locations: Little Italy and Balboa Park. Its locations feature an outdoor patio where Fido can accompany you while you enjoy desserts that look just a beautiful as they taste! The executive pastry chef and owner, Karen Krasne, holds many accolades and honors underneath her belt including acknowledgment as one of the Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America in 2003, and a feature in The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network in 2010. Her classical culinary training along with exotic travel experiences inspire the many delectable plates that are served at the two locations. From cakes, to pies, to ice cream, Extraordinary Desserts has a little something for anyone looking to indulge a little bit. Even gluten-free and vegan options are available for those with any extensive dietary restrictions. A menu that changes daily allows you to mix up your choice of pastry every time you attend! Perhaps you have a hankering for a particular berry tart one day? Simply call ahead or visit the day of, and a member of their staff are always available to help you! Extraordinary Desserts is a great spot to hit with the pup when you need to squash that sweet tooth… just know that the pups should still stay away from the chocolate!


That wraps up this list of five of the best dog-friendly restaurants in San Diego. Be sure to check them out because you don’t have to leave your dog home in order to dine fabulously.

By Alyssa Cockrell