The Sensational French Restaurant You Need To Know

This San Diego French restaurant is expertly delivered.

Located in Escondido’s historic downtown, Bellamy’s is an award–winning restaurant serving California modern cuisine with French influence. An upscale eatery with moderate prices and live music, this delightful spot has something for everyone. With its superbly talented French Master Chef, Patrick Ponsaty, and its farm–to–table ingredients, plus an exceptional pride in supporting local North County farmers, wine makers, and sustainable fisherman, Bellamy’s is the kind of restaurant for which we’ve all been searching.

Let's take flight, and discover this exciting San Diego French restaurant!

Bellamy's Restaurant

417 W Grand Ave, Escondido (San Diego), Ca | (760) 747-5000 |

My first time at the restaurant I was greeted by a warm and friendly hostess who guided me to my seat. My server, who would prove to be exceptionally helpful, introduced himself and distributed the captivating menu. As I studied the different selections, I found the live piano tunes to be soothing, the tinkling keys adding to the restaurant’s already intimate ambiance. In a scene where good service is often hard to come by, the excellent service at Bellamy’s is certainly notable; the servers were not only friendly but took their time reviewing the items and answering any questions regarding the menu.

french san diego restaurant bellamy's

The extensive collection of appetizers made my mouth water. I chose to start with the Spanish Calamari Steak along with the Mountain Meadow Flatbread, a crisp starter topped with locally grown mushrooms, arugula and parmesan flakes, both of which were perfectly light and delectable. For the main entree, I tried the unique Muscovy Duck Breast with caramelized seasonal fruit and polenta, a delicious and tender preparation. If you prefer pasta dishes or are looking for a meatless option, try the Vegetarian Basil Fettuccini. Bellamy’s also offers a large selection of fine, fresh seafood, like the Alaskan Salmon and the British Columbia Halibut.

If you are a dessert connoisseur, this place is for you.

Both the Stone–Fruit Almond Tart with lemon verbena ice cream and the French Lavender Crème Brulee with assorted berries melt in your mouth, a freshly fruity finish. If you are a chocolate lover, their signature dessert, the Chocolate Bisou, is a taste of heaven! At Bellamy’s, every plate created receives TLC for presentation and taste. Since the ingredients are carefully chosen and blended, the meals open your palate to new tastes without overpowering the senses. Its dim lighting and warm atmosphere allow visitors to enjoy high–end dining in a calm and classy setting suitable for both families and couples. And if you want to enjoy delicious cuisine and San Diego’s incredible climate simultaneously, Bellamy’s offers dining on their beautiful French style patio. san diego french restaurant bellamy's dessert

“Our Master Chef is one of only 200 master chefs in the world. Plus, we own a ranch where we grow 30–40% of our produce and raise our own chicken and lamb. Also, our Chef is not solely trained in French culinary; he spent a considerable amount of time in Spain, so his creations also have a Spanish influence with a Mediterranean touch,” said Derry Van Nortwick, Bellamy’s General Manager and Wine Director.

It is no surprise Master Chef Patrick has earned prestigious culinary awards. As a French native, Master Chef Patrick is a fifth–generation chef who received years of specialized culinary training in his native country. With every first–class meal he creates, the Master Chef manifests his passion for fine culinary arts and makes guests feel as if they are in the French countryside. 

The restaurant offers a selection of signature cocktails and houses a massive collection of wine; even the choosiest wino is sure to find a blend to please. The open bar, which is separated from the main dining area, offers a different, more casual menu. Bellamy’s also caters private parties and hosts happy hour daily from 3 to 6 p.m. But if your taste buds are aching for any of these delightful dishes, make sure its Monday through Saturday–they’re closed Sundays.

My verdict

It’s not often that a restaurant manages to truly transport guests. At Bellamy’s, they do just that, providing us with a culinary, cross–continental journey. Though your feet may be planted firmly on San Diego ground, your taste buds and imagination are easily carried away to the lavender–scented hills of France. And if you leave home in a hurry, don’t worry—you don’t need your passport to embark on this French escape.