Best Gift Ideas For Real Estate Agents and Their Clients

Selling a home is a great accomplishment for both you and your clients. It is a professional accomplishment for you, but it can be a dream come true for your clients. Giving your clients a gift can help them remember you, help them use you again in the future, and help them send their friends and family your way. It shows them that you appreciate their business and helps you develop a personal connection that they will remember for years to come. Some of the best gifts are thoughtful gifts for their new home, no matter how small or big the gift may seem. A small gift to your new homeowners can give you a lot of referral business in the future. Here are many great gift giving options that will not cost you a lot of money.

#1) Personalized Gift Card

When working with your clients, you will likely get to know them pretty well. You will get to know their personality, their likes, dislikes, and what they are looking for in their home. A personalized gift card can show them that their business was appreciated and can show them that you have a personal connection with them. has a lot of personalized gift cards available for purchase. One of the best gift cards you can get for your clients new home, if it is a fixed upper, would be a home improvement gift card. Other clients may prefer restaurant or movie gift cards that match their likes.

#2) A Wreath

This inexpensive gift goes a long way into welcoming your new homeowners to their dream home. Everyone wants better curb appeal and a well-decorated wreath can do just that. A homemade wreath that matches the colors of the home and the season is a thoughtful gift that any new homeowner is sure to appreciate. Every time your client walks into their home they will likely think of you. This can help remind them to refer you for future business.

#3) Framed Local Map

This gift is a great idea for people moving from out of state or out of the country. Framed local maps look great in any home and can be a great new addition to any new homebuyers dream home. Whether it is a current map or an older historic map, your clients are sure to love it. It will make them feel more welcome and connected to their new home.

#4) Personalized Ornament

This gift will work great for clients who close on their house around the holiday season and celebrate Christmas. A personalized Christmas tree ornament that welcomes the homebuyers and their family to their new home can be used each year. When they start unpacking their Christmas decorations year after year, they will remember you and the entire home buying process. A simple ornament than you can buy at almost any mall around the holiday season can be very inexpensive but leave a lasting impression.

#5) Flowers and Potted Plants

This is a great gift for clients closing in the spring and summer months when flowers and plants are in full bloom. Depending on your clients' tastes and current curb appeal you can gift them a potted plant or flowers that will look great in front of their home or in their house. Try not to give them something that will need a lot of attention and care because they will have a lot on their hands already with the unpacking, but a simple plant that requires low maintenance would mean a lot to your clients.

#6) A Kitchen Gadget

If your clients love to cook, you may consider getting them something they can use for their kitchen. You know what their kitchen looks like since you are the one that sold them the home so use your best judgment to get them something that would look great. Try purchasing them something that could stand out and be a conversation starter in their new home.

Each client is different and their tastes vary greatly. After working with your clients for several months during the home buying process, you will likely have a good idea of what they like and do not like. Use your best judgment when deciding on the perfect gift to give your clients.

Real estate agents should always give their clients a thoughtful gift of appreciation. This gift can leave a permanent and lasting impression on your client. This gift, no matter how inexpensive, can mean a lot to your clients. It can help you make and keep personal connections that can help you generate future business.