9 Best Gifts for the Dad Who Loves Sports, Golf and Technology!

Father’s Day Best Gift Guide!

9 Best Gifts for the Dad Who Loves Sports, Golf and Technology!

By Yolanda Rosales G. De Al-Baiz


Sports and Dads go hand-in-hand, like a fist pounding a catcher’s mitt during a game of catch.

If your old man keeps himself young by working up a sweat, the best way to show him that you care in to gear him up right.

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These 9 Gift ideas combine the latest technology, with the greatest of athletic gear, ensuring that his glory day are still ahead of him.

Here we show you our best gifts selection for this Father’s Day!

  1. WHITINH STEEL HR ($144)

Full-color touchscreen with animated graphics that’s hardly a selling point to get the old man on board with a smartwatch.

WHiitng’s approach is suitable subtler-something that works with a suit as well as with his golf getup. Able to automatically track activities like, swimming and running, the waterproof activity trakcer has a battery that last 25 days before a recharge.

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With a direct screen that can rely notifications, including texts, calls and events from both Android and iOS smartphone!


The ping of your ceramic bat might drive the old man batly, but Baseball has always been a number game-so, don’t expect him to pass on taking rips with the Old Hickory Smart Bat.

Featuring a Zepp sensor embedded in the knob, this lumber is the same model swung by big leaguers, like Mike Troat.

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Dad can keep his own stats and critique his own swing – a nice feature for everyone from Sunday Softballl leaguers to battling cagers looking to blow off a little post-work steam!

  1. ZEPP GOLF 2 ($150)

If golf is a good walk spoiled, Zepp’s Reboot of its swing – analyzing sensor will make it ….well probably still pretty bad.

But there is always the hope that your game will improve, and for most golfers, that’s what hitting the links is all about. Measuring club-speed, tempo, backswing, and other mechanics, this glove-worn training module can provide instant analysis and smart coaching.

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Then at the nineteenth hole, Dad can enjoy a couple of Arnold Palmers while watching animation of his strikes, to see all the hitches he’s got in his giddy lips!

  1. SHOT TRACKER ($150)

Up for a game of horse? Okay horses. No matter how many shots your Dad needs to sink to win, Shot Tracker has him covered.

A wearable to help Dad dominate his pickup Basketball league, this gadget tracks shot attempts, makes and misses.

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Paired with a smartphone app that can track progress over time and offer drills and workouts, this wrist-worn sensor slips night under a sweatband, so, it doesn’t interfere with the game.

There is also a net sensor that registers the shot to tell of it’s an airball or a swish!


Dd got a lot of great advice and experience packed between his ears, so, when heading out of his bike, he best protect those brains with a solid helmet. Featuring bone induction speakers, the helmet can link to his smartphone and relay music, phone calls, and even turn-by-turn directions. All while keeping his ears open to listen for oncoming traffic.

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A handlebar – mounted remote, lets him control his phone without taking it out, and accompanying app monitors all sorts of metrics with GPS tracking!


Punning might seem like the easiest sport to get a handle on, but when the runners hit the road, there can actually be a lot to think about.

These Altra Torin IQ Smart Sneakers, sport a footbed full of sensors that help measure everything from foot strike and contact time to cadence and impact rate.

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Paired with the Altra IQ app, the Torin can give runners all sorts of data, including where their foot is landing, how hard is hitting the amendment and more.

Great for helping to diagnose injuries, these runners can help make Dad a seal marathon man!



Vi Headphones come with an embedded voice activated app , that integrates with platforms like Apple Health and music service like  Spotify, which make this both a smart and fun gift.

The touch aware earbuds are attached to sweat-proof, flexible neckband, that’s comfortable yet rugged.

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Able to capture data like, heart rate, elevation speed, and location.

The assistant responds to command as well as personalize workouts!



Tap in a few at the office, or in the living room Auto-return makes this putting green ideal for the laziest  golfer.

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This is just great to practice at home during the cool days of winter or when you are not ready to go to play Golf!

You can play now at home or at your office!


A serious golfer will appreciate this putter’’s balance and alignment options.

It just feels good to use, too!

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Show it off before the round, and even if your short game is awful, your playing partner’s will not know until the first green!