Best North County Chinese Restaurants

From Authentic to Modern cuisine With its excellent variety of regional cuisines, Chinese food scene has been offering one of the most dynamic and diverse dining experience in San Diego County. Buzzing with diverse, upscale restaurants, North County had successfully embraced this authentic culture with distinct, bold, and luscious flavors. You will encounter an extensive dim sum menu, traditional Szechwan specialties, and modern Chinese dishes with vegan and gluten-free options at these three Chinese eateries in North County.

Del Mar Rendezvous

Best-Chinese-RestaurantsRendezvous, defined as “a planned meeting” in English, is not a common name for a Chinese restaurant. Named after the first restaurant that the original owner worked at as a teenager in Europe, this friendly restaurant strives to provide another community to the customers. Embedded in a great neighborhood in Del Mar, this eatery has been serving excellent, high-quality Chinese cuisine with gluten-free and vegan options for 13 years.

Kevin Kitchen, a pleasant manager, shares some of the popular menu items at Del Mar Rendezvous: “Any of our Kung Pao dishes are really good”. Their Kung Pao dishes are made with great petite fillet, quality ingredients, and MSG-free seasonings. They try to make every dish the best version with the highest quality ingredients; All of their proteins are organic,
GMO-free and processed naturally.

For those looking for a lighter version of Chinese food, they have great gluten-free and vegan options; Their healthy noodle alternative, Konnyaku Noodles are made from a root vegetable with no fat and high in dietary fiber. Make sure to try their hearty Vegetable Konnyaku Noodle Soup and Yu Hsiang Eggplant dish for vegan choices. Handling different types of vegetables and meat, their cooks have professionally mastered wok skills used in making Chinese cuisine. As a modern Chinese restaurant, they will continue to make it more initiative while keeping its tradition to give guests really fun, comfortable and delicious experience.


Pearl Chinese Cuisine

Craving Dim Sum? This sophisticated restaurant in Rancho Bernardo offers authentic Hong Kong-style Dim Sum and a wide selection of Cantonese cuisine. With a beautiful location overlooking a pond, Pearl has been open since 2013, contributing to a diverse food scene in San Diego. Pearl emphasizes on preserving the tradition serving the finest authentic Chinese cuisine extending from its famous dim sum carts to Seafood and meat dishes with assorted sauces like House Special Sauce or Black Bean Sauce. Dim Sum carts is a traditional way to dine in China with a classic tea accommodation. Another special menu at Pearl is their dish cooked in Clay Pot such as Braised Chilean Sea Bass in Clay Pot and Chicken with Taro in Clay Pot.

Pearl is also known as the only Chinese reception and wedding venue in San Diego County. They have 4 different Banquet combinations of outstanding Chinese dishes serving 10 people. Some of the Banquet menus include unique dishes like Cubed Filet Mignon with Garlic in Bird’s Nest, Tea Smoked Chilean Sea Bass, and Lobster Sautéed with Spicy Garlic. Whether you plan an intimate family gathering or a festive event, Pearl is a great option to customize your experience with its polished selection of fresh, tasty and authentic Chinese cuisine.


Chin’s Szechwan

Best-Chinese-RestaurantsWith four different locations in Encinitas, Rancho Bernardo, Vista, and Oceanside, Chin’s Szechwan has been serving guests as one of San Diego’s favorite Chinese restaurants in North County since 1984. All restaurants are traditionally designed for a classy and relaxing family-style dinner. Szechwan or Sichuan cuisine originates from Sichuan province in southwestern China. They offer a variety of selection on the menu from mild to a more vibrant and exotic dishes using unique flavors of garlic and chili peppers.

Their traditional house menu includes Seafood Supreme, a combination of shrimp, scallops, and crabmeat sautéed with vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce. And Pao Hu, sliced pork braised with crushed peanuts, is another special dish at Chin’s Szechwan. The lunch combination is a great option served on a big platter with the main entrée, fried rice, and Chef’s
choice of appetizers and sides. Some of the popular entrees include Hunan Fish Fillet, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Szechwan Garlic Chicken. Not only will they provide great dining experience, but also offer catering, delivery services and Lunch special hour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Alongside their wide-ranging food menu, Chin’s Szechwan is serving a great selection of cocktails, wine, and craft beers.