Best Resolutions for the New Year 2020

And They Are Easy to Keep

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With New Year's just around the corner, the question of "What are your resolutions?" starts to appear more often. The cliche of working out or exercising more seems to last only about a week until something more critical makes you forget all about the promise you made to yourself. I've come up with eight easy resolutions that not only you can make, but also keep. 


  1. Be kinder and more honest to people. 

A resolution to be kinder to one another may seem obvious, but I believe the world needs more kindness. The whole saying "new year, new me." could come into play here. While I'm sure everyone is nice in your own way, there is no such thing as being too sweet. Honesty is a great thing to work on in the New Year as well because being more honest with others will make you a more trustworthy person. 


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  1. Expand your music tastes. 

Everyone eventually gets tired of all the same music. I know for myself that I can't listen to the same songs over and over again without growing to resent the tune. So I suggest mixing up your music. That may include listening to a different artist that you barely know or trying to listen to a new genre entirely. It may be hard to convince yourself to put yourself out there for music changes, but asking friends for some of their favorite music is always an easy way to discover new artists. 


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  1. Travel more. 

If you are like me and love to travel to new places, but have little time to do so, make 2020 your year to go. Whether it be day trips to somewhere a couple hours away, or to a different country, get out there and explore. A trip and/or vacation is a time for people to relax and not worry about the daily stressors that come with being human. Make use of this travel time to relax and to feel better as a person. 


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  1. Eat more exotic foods. 

By eating more exotic foods, I don't necessarily mean like eating cow tongue. (Although I've heard that cow tongue tacos are the best tacos you could ever eat.) I think that a person should go out of their comfort zone and eat something that they usually wouldn't eat. You could either try a different type of cuisine (ex. Lebanese, Vietnamese, or Turkish) that you haven't before or try a new dish and be adventurous. 


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  1. Reach out to old friends. 

Friends come and go throughout different stages of life, but the closest friends have been with you since the beginning. In 2020, make sure to reach out to those friends more often and check in on them. Sometimes we can get so busy with our lives we forget to check up on the people that mean the most to us. To strengthen that bond between those special people and try your best to talk to them more often. 


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  1. Use technology/social media less. 

Using technology and social media less may seem like another cliche New Year's resolution, but I believe it is an excellent resolution to make. Technology and social media can be a significant stressor in your life and can make you feel mentally drained. So take some time to have technology-free days so you're not reliant on technology and so you don't feel as burnt out. 


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  1. Take care of your mental health.

Taking care of your mental health is very important, in my opinion. We all have to make sure that you are operating at your prime. Ways you can achieve taking better care of your mental health may include cutting toxic things out of life, whether it be people, relationships, or habits — this works making you a happier and healthier person. 


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  1. Have a more open mind. 

Having a more open mind may be one of the more harder resolutions you can come across. Not only is it a better way of living to the people around you, but it also helps you with acceptance. When I started college, I made it my goal to be more accepting of people and to have an open mind, and overall I've never regretted doing that. I felt like a better person, and I made new friends because of it. So while having a more open mind may be hard to do, I find it the most fulfilling resolution on this list.


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These are eight resolutions I came up with. I'd be excited if any of you wanted to try them out for 2020. Let us know what resolutions you came up with. Happy New Year, and I hope it is one of the best.