Best Restaurants To Dine At For Easter Brunch

If you aren't up to cooking for the whole family this Easter, here are some of the best restaurants in San Diego to stop for Easter Brunch!

Easter Brunch

Photo provided with permission

When everyone thinks of Easter, they think of food, and tons of food. I know in my home we rarely ever went out for brunch on Easter Sunday; however, since being married and we live so far away from our families, it may be a new tradition. While growing up, in both homes we were always spoiled with the sweet smells of fresh Easter bread and breakfast. And as the years progressed, my family and his family have always had the usual Pizza Rustica or Pizza Gain, a traditional Italian meat pie that we make every Easter. And as this year we are newlyweds, I believe going out to brunch may become a new tradition along with our Pizza Rustica/Pizza Gain addictiveness.

We are pretty new to the area still and so we have not experienced many dine in restaurants. A lot of our go to places are order and leave places, so finding a quaint and unique place for Easter brunch is surely on my list. I have a few in mind as from reading reviews, they seem very welcoming and some of the best restaurants in San Diego.

The first place I have researched is Tidal, which is just in the Mission Bay area of San Diego. The next place I’ve searched up is Et Voilà, as well as, Primavera Ristorante.All three of these restaurants were featured on Eater in their 12 Delightful Easter Brunches In San Diego. And they just happened to pop my eyes when I saw the different cuisines each had. I love trying new food and especially on Easter Sunday when you can indulge over delicious food.

Right on the shoreline lies Tidal, a unique restaurant with an open kitchen in the middle of the Mission Bay area. This Easter they are offering up a new Brunch menu. It will just have been launched and the menu contains a few foods that are some of my favorite. Some items on their menu is carnitas benedict, a fresh lobster omelet using Maine lobster, and tostada with Baja Shrimp. Along with this new brunch menu, they are offering brunch until 2 p.m. on that Sunday, as well as, sweets for a delightful ending to your brunch.

Et Voilà is a quaint French restaurant that is just near the Mission Valley area and one that is offering up an a la carte menu this year. They are offering a few delicious treats this Easter. One of their brunch items is a watermelon-tomato gazpacho along with a basil guacamole, as well as, an Easter lamb hash, bell pepper, zucchini, and poached as another special for their Easter brunch. For dinner, they are offering blue crab cannelloni, baby heirloom tomatoes, and lobster sauce, as well as, roasted Easter lamb leg with ratatouille and a basil-pomme purée. All of these Easter Brunch and dinner options are all under $30 and all sounds delightful that I can eat the menu.

Lastly, Primavera Ristorante is a traditional Italian restaurant that is taking Easter back to Europe with its menu. They are offering up a four-course Italian meal with everything and anything from antipasto to lamp chops and homemade biscotti. Their menu is prix fixed and is under $70 a person. Remember now that their menu is also available a la carte.

Enjoy your hunt for a delightful Easter brunch or dinner. It sure is one of those days to truly indulge and take it easy. These restaurants surely will do just that. Happy Easter everyone!