Best Sushi in San Diego: Shimbashi Izakaya

The finest sushi in San Diego is not found downtown, but right on the coast in Del Mar. Meet Executive Chef Jun Fukushima of Shimbashi Izakaya in Del Mar Plaza.

Shimbashi Izakaya

1555 Camino Del Mar #201, Del Mar inside Del Mar Plaza 
(858) 523-0479

Over his 45 year career, Chef Jun Fukushima has dedicated himself to pursuing excellence and elevating culinary standards. In 1976, the Chef entered a competition with the National Sushi-Making Contest in Tokyo, which became a life-changing opportunity. Participants of the event gathered from all over Japan to compete. Chef Jun won 1st place among the Final 50. This championship brought him many job offers from the US, where sushi culinary began to become popular and the industries were looking for professional chefs. Many customers, including other chefs, recognizing his skills and knowledge, ask to sit at the counter in front of him to watch him skillfully prepare sushi.

Chef Jun Fukushima Shimbashi IzakayaChef Jun demonstrates precision skill in his sushi preparation daily. During one competition, the number of rice grains used in Chef Jun's sushi was counted; the number of specific individual rice grains used was nearly always the same in each of his creations.

Sushi is a delicate food – fish quality, proportion and temperature are the key components for the quality sushi. Oversized fish on top of rice may look like a bargain, but this combination destroys the delicate flavor and temperature balance of sushi rice and fish. For sushi, the quality of fish and rice, combined with the chef’s skill, are what counts.

You can sample Chef Jun’s sushi at Shimbashi Izakaya. The essence of Japan is captured at the Shimbashi counter - clean lines, functional and personable service. Talk to the chef and ask suggestions for ingredients that are in-season. You are one-on-one with Chef Jun as your selections are prepared.Shimbashi Izakaya Sushi

If you are not familiar with sushi/sashimi, you could simply order “Omakase.” "Omakase" means "to trust” or "chef's choice" in Japanese. Based on your personal preferences, Chef Jun will prepare Omakase Sushi/Sashimi using only the freshest of seasonal ingredients that you are sure to relish. 

Shimbashi Izakaya, with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, is located on the Market Level at the Del Mar Plaza. They offer an extensive seasonal menu, fresh sushi and sashimi and a wide selection of sake and Japanese beer. With their tapas-style Japanese menu, Shimbashi Izakaya takes advantage of San Diego's proximity to the coast and features fresh seafood that is always in season. If you are craving delicious, fresh sushi with local seasonal ingredients, there is no other choice. Shimbashi Izakaya is certainly the premier sushi destination in San Diego.