Best Travel Destinations That Combine Luxury And Culture

When I was in my twenties, I would backpack through the most out of the way places. I’d find the spots that were off the beaten path and choose them. I could afford to travel because I stayed in hostels, ate street food, and experienced the culture rather than paying for expensive entertainment.


My life has changed a lot since then. Now, what I want from a vacation is to relax in luxury. It’s a break from work, after all, and should give me the opportunity to recharge. However, I still love experiencing new cultures.


The good news is that you can do a combination of the two. Recently, I used one of the best DNA testing kits to find where my ancestors lived and travel there. There was a lot of diversity, giving me many options to choose from.


These are the destinations I managed to find that combine luxury and culture.


Crete, Greece


Crete is not as well-known as other Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini but I found it much more exciting. Part of what makes it so great is that it doesn't have the same level of crowding. But it deserves more attention nonetheless.


Crete is the perfect location for those of us who love learning about cultures. A town like Chania has luxurious places to stay, while having the most charming “old town” I’ve ever visited. Rethymno is a fishing village that has historically significant sites. And in the town of Herakleion, you'll find one of the best museums of historical artefacts in the world.


Greece in general has a distinct and exciting culture, but is also plenty luxurious. While Crete is my destination of choice, the other islands have plenty of charm too.


El Nido, Philippines


El Nido is one of those destinations that is on the verge of becoming overrun by tourists. It is a beautiful little beach town with charming restaurants and stores. The beaches are spectacular, even if you have to drive ten minutes out of the town itself to find the best beach for swimming (and sunsets!).


Luxury resorts are located just outside of the town itself, giving you the opportunity to spend time loving the hustle and bustle while relaxing in quiet later on.


Tel Aviv, Israel


I found Tel Aviv to be quite an impressive city. What I expected was a far more oppressive environment, considering the politics in the region. However, the people of Tel Aviv are open, always willing to debate about anything and everything, and most of the time just want to party.


Israeli culture is very close to Arabic culture – it is in the region, after all. The people are unapologetically straightforward and direct, which can take some getting used to. Once you realize they're not being rude, it’s a lot easier to deal with!


There are also plenty of luxury hotels to stay at in Tel Aviv. With gorgeous beaches, parties going on all night, and Middle Eastern cuisine, it is an ideal destination for lovers of both culture and luxury.