Best honeymoon destinations for all types of couples

The honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday as newlyweds celebrate their wedding and begin the next chapter of their lives together. But every couple is different, with unique expectations. With that in mind, here are some incredible destinations to consider – catering for all different types of honeymooners.


For the beach-loving honeymooners


Most honeymooners want to head straight to the beach to unwind and recharge after the wedding – totally understandable. So, here are three perfect places to do just that, all offering year-round sunshine.


The Maldives


Few places are synonymous with luxury beach holidays quite like The Maldives. This stunning small island nation in South Asia is made up of a chain of 26 atolls, many of which are occupied by luxury resorts with water villas. What better way to start each day of your honeymoon than to step straight from your deck into the warm, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean?


Take a break from all that sun-tanning and relaxation by grabbing a mask and snorkel and exploring the incredible marine life. You can arrive and depart in style, too, as many resorts have the option of a seaplane as a method of transport.


The Seychelles


Beaches so beautiful they look lifted straight from a postcard; The Seychelles is a consistently popular destination for honeymooners. Made up of 115 islands and located 1,500km off the East African coast, The Seychelles has plenty to offer for your honeymoon. The main island, Mahe, has a mix of stunning coastline and vibrant day and night life as much of the nation’s 98,000 population live and work here.


The second largest island, Praslin, is home to the famous Anse Lazio beach, while the third largest – La Digue – offers peace and tranquillity thanks to the lack of cars – visitors are encouraged to hire bicycles to get around the island. Far more than a lazy beach holiday, The Seychelles’ mountain ranges make it a great place to go hiking and the vast jungle is home to various indigenous birds and wildlife.


Bora Bora


Unless you are already located in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is by no means a straightforward destination to reach – but once you are there, the journey will be entirely worth it. Famous for its luxury resorts, piercing blue water and extinct volcano backdrop, Bora Bora is the stuff of dreams.


The majority of luxury resorts in this French Polynesian nation comprise the famous water villas that offer direct access into the Pacific Ocean, but there are also plenty of land based accommodation for couples who want to be closer to other attractions.


Snorkelers and scuba divers will be in paradise in Bora Bora, with numerous dive sites located across the islands offering the opportunity to get up close to sharks, rays, and countless tropical fish. Bora Bora’s name is derived from "Pora pora mai te pora", meaning “created by the gods” and once you experience this place you will see why.


For the party-loving honeymooners


The couple who parties together, stays together! If you and your partner are looking to cut loose and party until the early hours, then there are no better options than these three destinations.




One of the most famous party islands on Earth, Ibiza has it all for the party-loving honeymooners. A season that stretches from May to mid-October, this Balearic Island is home to huge nightclubs and world class DJs who keep the party going until sunrise. For those who want to party during the day, be sure to visit any of Ibiza’s day clubs and with a few dedicated websites, which provide the latest info on events, you can make sure you don’t miss out.


Ibiza is also a beautiful island full of history, gorgeous beaches and wonderful seaside restaurants and tavernas, so when it is time to relax and recharge between parties, there are plenty of places to go to unwind.


Consider a day trip to Formentera, an island a short boat ride away which offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the main island.


Las Vegas


Las Vegas may be the most decadent location on Earth: club nights, pool parties, mega casinos, live shows and famous restaurants – it is little wonder it is known as Sin City. To be in the middle of the action, stay at one of the iconic hotels located on The Strip – a 4-mile stretch where most of the action takes place.


In between all the club nights, pool parties and live shows, you might want to test your luck in one of Las Vegas’ many famous casinos. Hit the blackjack or roulette table or take your chances on the slots. But always remember to keep the gambling fun. After all, the odds are against you in all casino games. That’s why it’s called the house edge and not the player edge – so don’t go into it expecting to win money.


To escape the madness, take a trip to the Grand Canyon, which can be experienced in style with a helicopter tour.


Rio de Janeiro


Experience Brazil’s samba culture by booking your honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro. If you are planning to take your honeymoon in February, try to coincide with Rio Carnival – the biggest carnival in the world.


Even if you plan to visit any other time of year, there is still plenty of ways to enjoy the Brazilian party atmosphere. Copacabana beach is famed for its bars, parties and DJ sets, while areas such as Botafogo, Santa Teresa, and in particular Lapa have parties taking place every night of the week.


On your break from partying, no visit to Rio would be complete without making a trip to Christ the Redeemer statue.


For history-loving honeymooners


The world is full of fascinating historical locations, so if you and your partner want to take a trip through history, here are some ideal places to consider.




For a history-filled honeymoon, there is no better place to visit than Cairo and the jaw-dropping Pyramids – the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders still standing. Dating back more than 4,000 years, the Pyramids of Giza rank high on many people’s bucket lists and for good reason. There is a plethora of qualified tour guides who can teach you all about Ancient Egypt’s civilization and its impact on the modern world.


Within the city, history is everywhere, including at the Egyptian Museum where artefacts date back thousands of years and where there is a room dedicated to the most famous of all the Pharaohs: Tutankhamun.


Historic mosques, citadels and monuments are dotted around old and new Cairo, while you can enjoy a romantic dinner cruise along the famous Nile River.




Founded nearly 3,000 years ago, Rome was once the most powerful city in the world and much of its rich history from throughout the ages is still prevalent. Expert guided tours of iconic sites such as the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum will educate and fascinate history buffs, while simply walking the cobbled streets and getting lost in Rome’s maze will be a history lesson all in its own.


No trip to Rome would be complete without a tour of the Vatican and adjacent St Peter’s Basilica. Make sure to book an early morning tour to avoid the crowds and experience the Sistine Chapel without being crammed into the holy site.


Rome is also one of the most romantic cities on Earth, with beautiful restaurants, trendy wine bars and quaint cafes to enjoy with your partner.




For couples who want to get their fix of history on their honeymoon, Istanbul is deservedly near the top of the list. Founded around 660 BCE and serving as the imperial capital for 16 centuries across four different empires, Istanbul’s history was truly fascinating. The city’s geographical location, straddling across Europe and Asia, also makes it a wonderful melting pot of cultures, religions and ethnicities. 


Among the must-visit places in Istanbul include Hagia Sophia Museum, the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, and Dolmabahce Palace, while there is no more historic place on Earth to do souvenir shopping than the Grand Bazaar – the world’s oldest covered market.


Home to more than 15 million people, Istanbul is lively, busy and even chaotic, but there are plenty of rooftop restaurants and bars to marvel at the views of the Bosporus river.