Best landscaping ideas to improve your outdoor space

Outdoor Design on the Cheap

When it comes to landscaping design, are a few things that will make a huge difference in less than a few hours. You don’t have to wait for the trees to grow and for the hedges to fill out. Here are a few ideas to make your yard look amazing tomorrow.


  • Fencing
  • Perennial Plants
  • Lawn furniture


We have written a quick guide about these three garden scaping options, so you may get inspired and decide to make some changes.

Quick and cheap fencing doesn’t have to be ugly

When you need a cheap fence, it doesn’t need to look ugly. You might have a large ranch property that needs to be fenced off with something that looks better than a Normandy fence and it needs to be fenced off fast. Maybe you’re so busy with other projects that you don’t want to commit the time to have a custom made fence installed.


There are a lot of options out there that don’t only start at a reasonable price but will look great for years to come. Most of these options can be found near you or delivered and installed by experts: wholesale vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, bamboo or even concrete.


Depending on the effect you want, you have many different options. For privacy, concrete is the quickest. You can paint it with fun colors and you immediately gain a completely different design, or leave it natural color and make your space look “modern”.


Vinyl fencing is an amazing new trend because it’s a design chameleon: it can look how you want it to look, giving you an easy, light and simple to install advantage over wood. Also - no trees harmed in the making AND it’s recyclable! There are vinyl fences that look like a classic white picket fence, a ranch-like horse fence, or a more stylish Melrose fence - definitely a great front-yard changer.


If you are looking for something organic that blends into your secret garden, then bamboo fences are a great choice. They fit right in, giving viewers a sense that they’ve been growing there “forever”.


Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are absolutely beautiful - they grow bigger and bigger every year without much care from you. They don’t need to be dug up, transplanted or replanted at all. What’s amazing is that they look great the second you plant them, and they just keep on giving.


Here is a must-have list of hardy perennials that every garden should have:


Black-eyed Susan

This plant grows up to two feet in height. When blooming, it produces a star-spangled blanket of bright orange flowers with one large black “eye” in the middle.


It will bloom from late spring to fall, and grow back stronger every year.


Sea Holly

This plant can grow in full sun - it looks like a bright blue star - a bit sharp and a bit soft. If we could think of any plant that would look stunning in a modern garden that incorporates a lot of straight lines and concrete planters - this would be it.



Yarrow is a very hardy plant, blooming from late spring all the way up to Fall. In the wild, it comes in a creamy white color, but in the gardening world, it can come in many stunning colors, from pink, to red and yellow.


It’s a medicinal plant and can help with indigestion as well as be infused in oil to make a great skin serum. It’s almost impossible to kill.



The forget-me-not is a shy little flower, perfect for those of us who lack a sunny spot in their garden. They enjoy the shade and like to spread out, creating a beautiful misty flower bed spring to summer.



Hydrangeas are the queens of the perennial world. Their fairy-like colors and gigantic blue-purple balls of tiny flowers can stun anyone. They are bushy, and not typically thought of as just a simple flower. They are, however, easy to grow and will survive tough winters if covered up properly. This is one of those flowers that gets better and better every year.


Lawn furniture

Let’s say you only have a budget for one single little thing. Our advice (last but not least) get some lawn furniture you can be proud of. Even if you are in the middle of the desert or a desolate, unwatered yard of a house you just bought and are feeling overwhelmed.


This is the perfect time to get some comfortable chairs, a table, an umbrella, and make some lemonade. Invite the neighbors and grill something good. This is the soul of your landscape design if you are looking to make your home look and feel better.


We recommend chairs that can recline easily, are comfortable and not the cheapest sort - after all, lawn furniture can be an investment and has to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements.


A large umbrella to shield from the sun, and to add some color to your garden. The trends were in the green and neutral until now - it’s time to try fun new colors like orange, red, or turquoise.


Sails - garden sails for shade are also a great new trend. If you need one thing to make them work, it’s a big wooden post. They need to be sturdy and set in concrete. This way, they can perform two tasks - be used for attaching shade sails or a hammock or two.


Creative lawn furniture will immediately make the outdoor space feel welcoming and warm. You can take your time and plan around it later.


Go outside

We hope we inspired you, and you can’t wait until next weekend so you can put your plan to action! Making great changes doesn’t have to take a long time - all you need is the resolve and planning.