Boosting Your Creativity in Five Easy Steps

Creative Work Space

Creatives find beauty in everything, but the ability to create seems to rely solely on temperamental inspiration. Relying on periodic outbursts of creativity, however, means that you cannot turn your art into a commodity. You need to harness your creative energies and develop a mindset that means you can work productively every day. If you cannot, then your art won’t be completed, and certainly won’t be marketable.

It can be very difficult to create when you force yourself. That is why you need to follow these steps so that you, too, can harness your artistic powers and create every day, not just on the ones that you feel inspired on.

  1. Try Something New

One of the ways to find your creative energy is just by trying something new. Routine is terrible for creativity, so when you need to be creative either for your income or your happiness, make time each week to try something new. Not only will you gain new experiences and stretch your boundaries, you’ll also feel more inspired to create. This step is a great way to help you master your creativity and get more out of life, and you should start today.

  1. Stimulate Your Senses

Invigorate your senses and gain inspiration. You can do this by buying scented candles, by trying and making delicious food, or, if you’re a smoker, to try different vaping flavors instead. There is info here on how to maintain your dispenser, to keep those creative juices flowing.

  1. Get Inspired

Sometimes all you need to do is get inspired by other artists. Go take a visit to an art gallery or museum, bring your sketch pad, and make note of things you really like. Or you can scroll through online and see what other artists are doing. Sometimes all you need for inspiration to strike is to see an image that sets you in the right mood.  

  1. Do Some Exercise

On top of gaining inspiration and cultivating your creative nature with the three previous steps, you should also exercise. Exercising can make you feel better, more alert, and can give you more energy. It also boosts your mood significantly, so you can get into the right frame of mind to create.

  1. Get a Workflow Going

Once you have found means to gain inspiration, you need to harness it. Create a workplace that bolsters your creativity, and one that you can return to every day. Move your furniture around, try working standing up, or adjust the lighting in your workspace -  just a slight change to the area that you are working in can help you reframe your perception of the workplace. Once you have that, you need to create.

By being a creative it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling that you are slave to whether you are inspired, and that can give rise to extra pressure which will certainly limit your creativity. Take a step back, and relax; by following the steps above, you will soon be able to boost your creativity in a natural and organic way.