Brewing Beer and Other Amazing and Unconventional Uses of Solar Technology

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Solar panels powering satellites in orbit around the earth and the International Space Station utilize pretty much the same technology solar power here in Idaho offers. These days, it’s cool to install photovoltaics to power your home. It is also the responsible thing to do.

If you seriously want to tap the many possibilities of this renewable energy source, it’s time to explore out-of-the-box uses of solar energy.

Cooking meals

The flow of electricity produced in solar panels arises when photons dislodge electrons from atoms. A photon is the basic unit of light - a quantum. The primary purpose of the cells in a photovoltaic panel is to convert electromagnetic radiation from the sun into direct current (DC).

This can then be converted to alternating current (AC). The type of electricity that powers the electrical outlet in your home is AC and not DC. A simple array can provide the electrical requirements of your house’s lighting, as well as basic household appliances. 

One such appliance you can use is a cooking pot that requires nothing more than sunlight to heat food. A pot that only needs the sun to heat and cook food is popular among campers and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. The solar cooking pot may be out of your radar, but you can easily find examples online.

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Brewing craft beer

Once you start using a solar installation, you can count 40 years before its overall efficiency goes down to 0.5 percent. That’s an admirable figure. This means that if you favor a sun-powered system to make beverage, then you can start a craft beer business and not worry much about energy usage.

An enterprising company is already using solar power to heat water used in crafting their unique vintage. Think thermal tubes powered by the sun - a truly economical alternative to a traditional brewing setup.

Transparent solar cells to charge phones and power buildings

Various academic institutions in America are challenging the boundaries of solar technology. Although still in the experimental stages transparent, paper-thin cells that can power anything from smartphones to skyscrapers are in the works.

When these technological marvels become available commercially, you won’t need to plug a charger on a wall to power digital gadgets. All you need to do is to expose a transparent solar coating to sunlight. Of course, you can’t expect a full charge on a cloudy day, but perhaps researchers are working on ways around that conundrum already.

Solar power is a form of renewable energy. Like water and wind sources, sunlight can be replenished continuously. While the star that lights up our world is producing its own energy, we can benefit from a renewable and inexhaustible power source.

Scientist assures us that the sun will keep burning for five billion years more, and that’s a long, long time by human reckoning.

Now is the best time to embrace the potential of photovoltaic technology. Soon enough more advanced technology would be available - something that can make use of sunlight with greater efficiency and versatility.