Bright and Blooming: Flower Child Flourishes in Del Mar’s Health Community

Nutritious Salad

Beginning as a ‘humble seed’ after its 2014 debut, Flower Child has bloomed in the health-conscious community of Del Mar as a staple for nutritious dining. Featuring salads, whole-grain wraps and all-natural bowls, this Del Mar dining spot offers clean, healthy meals with flavorful seasoning.

Located in the Flower Hill Promenade shopping center, Flower Child aims to offer nutritious food where guests can feel their best— explains marketing director Tracy McGinnis. “A ‘Flower Child’ is someone that has a positive outlook on life,” explains McGinnis, “They strive to create a world of opportunities and are passionate about happiness and health. We want people to feel good about the food they eat at Flower Child, as well as the experience they have with our team. ”

To offer the most nutrient-dense food, Flower Child relies on minimalistic ingredients. Each menu item is carefully designed to represent a healthy, balanced meal.

“We use simple ingredients to create complex flavors,” McGinnis says of their nourishing menu. “Our menu is primarily plant-based, with the option to add naturally-raised proteins. Our food is nutrient-dense, full of fruits, vegetables and healthy meats and proteins… We’re all about happiness-prioritized dining with nutritional fare you’ll crave.”

Food options range from organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly. An exclusive breakfast menu is available on the weekends. “Flower Child offers a simple yet special experience, where guests can eat clean and nutritious foods they wouldn’t cook at home,” McGinnis says.

Their menu mostly centers on a mix-and-match style, where guests can choose up to three items that range from fruits, grains, and seasonal vegetables. Guests can also choose from a surplus of salads, whole grain pita wraps, soups, gluten-free desserts and fresh lemonade. The menu also assures that children have nourishing options, such as gluten-free mac & cheese and sweet corn and quinoa with Greek yogurt.

“Our menu is diverse. We offer something for everyone. It’s easy to eat gluten-free and vegan, but we also offer heartier meals like grass-fed steak and mashed potatoes,” explains McGinnis.  While customer favorites include the Flying Avocado turkey wrap or Mother Earth grains bowl, Flower Child’s menu is inspired by seasonal foods.

“We keep core items on the menu all year round, then [we] add in seasonal offerings four times per year. We take our guests’ feedback seriously and listen to the community, as well as our store teams for feedback and suggestions” Flower Child also takes pride in offering locally-sourced food and items from San Diego. “We strive to work with local purveyors wherever possible and feature lots of local brands in the restaurant, including Saint Archer, Modern Times and Ballast Point beers. [We also feature] Living Tea Kombucha, Bambucha Kombucha, Dassi Farms, Chino Farms [and] Biozenic Florists,” says McGinnis.

While maintaining a healthy diet can be the goal for many, sometimes nutrition is compromised for convenience. Although health-conscious communities are growing, the probability of eating fast-food is still high. According to statistics, the average American spends $1,200 annually on fast food. Hoping to alter that habit, McGinnis explains that Flower Child offers a new concept to healthy dining: fast-casual eating. Adds McGinnis, “We focus on convenience and the speed of your experience.” After ordering up front, waiters deliver food in an efficient manner, something rare in a typical restaurant setting. Although quick, each plate reaps nutritious benefits.

Apart from offering quality food at a reasonable price, the bohemian ambiance of Flower Child is noteworthy. The open space includes earthy wood tables, vintage inspired décor, artsy images and bursts of greenery and florals.

At first glance, the eatery is colorful and fun, but with a closer look, it is conspicuous that the restaurant strives to promote messages of positivity and love. McGinnis says these messages are the foundation of the eatery.

“We wanted to offer a fun, happy and unique experience for our guests. This goes for the food we serve, as well as the environment in which you eat it,” says McGinnis, “It has creative décor elements throughout that speak to the healthy, happy vibe, and [there are] fun touches like yoga mats and an open kitchen that brings a great energy to the space.”

Although Flower Child is growing in popularity, McGinnis says there have yet to be any plans for further branches despite “always looking.” Until then, customers can find ‘healthy food for a happy world’ in Flower Child.

“Flower Child is all about inclusiveness,” McGinnis explains. “To me, that means we offer something for everyone on our menu. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable [and] always offer a smile. It’s a positive environment where we spread good vibes all day long.”