Budgeting Financially Your First Complete Package Wedding

Budgeting Financially Your First Complete Package Wedding

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Getting married is a milestone for most couples because this signifies their commitment to stick with each other through joyous moments, as well as during the rough times. Different couples have different ideas on how they would prefer to go about with the wedding celebration, with some willing to lavishly spend for the ceremony, while others consider to go frugal. 


Regardless of how you wish to celebrate your wedding, and of course your marriage, here are some tips on how to budget for a complete wedding package.

Think of a theme

In order to be able to have a specific budget estimate for your wedding package, the first thing that you need to do is to determine the kind of wedding that you want. Consider whether you want to go to a church wedding, a beach wedding, a garden wedding, to name a few options. The theme of your wedding ceremony will dictate whether you need a classic hotel ballroom reception or otherwise. This, as well as other things that need to be prepared to set up the kind of wedding you have in mind, will have a significant impact on the amount of money you set aside.

Talk to your partner about your wedding budget

After you both decide on the type of wedding ceremony you want to celebrate your marriage, the next thing you need to do is to sit down with your partner and have a talk about your wedding budget. As a couple, have an agreement on how much you can spend, as well as how much you both are willing to spend. It can be that you need to go into budget date nights to be able to save up more for your venue or cut back on celebrating an anniversary to ensure that you will be able to accommodate your entire guest list. Think of this step as your first experience in handling finances together as a couple.

Research on wedding suppliers

You have the option of getting a wedding coordinator or doing the wedding planning all by yourself. Keep in mind that the choice you make will have an impact on your wedding budget. There are instances wherein hiring the services of an official wedding planner will not only save you time, but it can also save you money. In general, official wedding planners already have ties and connections with venues and other suppliers, allowing them to get a certain deal or discount, which you may not otherwise obtain if you do all the planning by yourself. If you opt for a beach wedding, Hollywood Events has a wedding planner and beach wedding venue that can be perfect for the ceremony you have in mind. In this case, you already hit two birds with one stone by having the services of a reputable wedding planner, and a venue which is perfect for your dream wedding.

Involve your friends and family in the planning

To have a complete wedding package that is within your budget, it will be a good idea to involve your friends and family. Often times, people bring gifts for the couple when they attend weddings. However, it will be great if you will be able to request for help in planning your wedding instead of them bringing you gifts. For instance, if you have a family of musicians, then ask them to provide musical accompaniment during your wedding as a gift to you and your partner. In parallel, if you have a friend who is skilled in baking and making cakes, then ask your friend if he or she can make your wedding cake for a minimal fee, or even for free as a gift to you and your partner for your wedding. You will be amazed that in reaching out to your friends and family, you may already be able to attain a complete wedding package, even without pulling out a dollar from your pocket.


Couples usually prefer to be hands on in their wedding preparations, which is why they strive to make time for this out of their busy schedules. However, there are people who think that a wedding planner or another person might be able to do a better job in the preparations such as making the wedding invitations, or preparing the boutonnières. Keep in mind to have faith in your skills and do-it-yourself whenever possible. You and your partner will be able to keep your spending within your wedding budget if you try and personalize certain needs for your wedding such as the invitations or wedding tokens. In line with this, also remember to have a balance between doing everything yourself, and designating some wedding projects to other people such as your wedding planner, or your family and friends involved in the wedding planning. This is to ensure a stress-free wedding preparation to come up with a complete wedding package, even if you have a limited budget.

Have fun

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! It is true that wedding preparations may be tedious and sometimes even challenging. However, keep in mind that these challenges are only meant to make your relationship with your partner stronger by entailing the need for you to constantly communicate and resolve any issues you may encounter in preparing for your wedding. Enjoy meeting new people, such as your photographers, the wedding planners, as well as the suppliers who will guarantee that your wedding will be perfect. In the end, it will be all worth it after you successfully turn your dream wedding into a reality.


Budgeting Financially Your First Complete Package Wedding


Weddings are merely ceremonies to celebrate the union of two hearts. But aside from the ceremony, what is more important is to celebrate the commitment of two people celebrating their love for each other through marriage. Thus, it really doesn’t matter whether you choose to extravagantly spend for your wedding, or plan your wedding on a budget. What is important is to be able to say “I do” to the person you see your future with.