Building A Sustainable House - 5 Innovative Ways

It is crucial that we become environmentally aware and actively take into consideration the constantly changing environment around us. Notably, you can begin by building a green home, having in mind that sustainable housing ensures that you efficiently and effectively use resources and energy that have minimal impact on the environment. By doing so, you will be providing a quality life for your family in that you will only need less maintenance in the future and still you will be safeguarding the environment. Building a sustainable house is secure as it reduces the rate of anxiety involved during and after the construction of a home.


Creating a sustainable home is easy as you only need to observe this five innovative ways that you can use when building a sustainable house.

1) Use of Eco-Friendly Equipment’s

Since you main aim is to build a house that is more of a greenhouse rather than an emission producing powerhouse, you should use Eco-friendly materials. Everything that you think of installing in your home should save energy to create a green space for your family.For instance you have the following in your home.

Solar Panels
You can consider installing solar panels as sources of power in your house. Also, you can ensure that your walls are temperature regulators making the home more Eco-friendly.

Energy Saving Bulbs
Ensure to put energy saving bulbs in the house; this is to make sure that you save money as well as the planet. The LED bulbs are durable and reduce your electricity bill by almost 90%.

Extension Loads
Besides, you can also choose to use extension loads types of equipment’s, to reduce the rate of power consumption via the use of multi-sockets.

Compost Kitchen Waste
For your kitchen, build a compost for the kitchen waste. Notably, this will help to reduce the amount of household wastes that are thrown out and also reduce the cost that is associated with the collection of trash.

Sensing Lights
You can also use sensing lights in the rooms in your house. This type of lights turns on when a person is in the room and turns off when the place has no individuality. Also, this will result in the saving of energy as the sensing lights will prevent wastage that comes around once people forget to turn off the lights when leaving the house.

2) Insulation

It is essential to understand that insulation is one significant thing to consider once you decide to build a green home. You should not allow heating and cooling of your interior spaces go to waste through improper insulation. Hence, you should ensure to insulate your house using the following to reduce your energy consumption.

Insulate both Wall and Floors
You can insulate both your walls and floors to make your home more comfortable. Also, this will help you to save money on the energy bill.

Ceiling Board
Also, purpose to include a ceiling board to maintain a warm temperature inside the house regardless of the temperature outside.

Double-glazed windows
Also, ensure to install windows that are double-glazed as they will assist in making the house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Notably, these innovative methods ensure that you conserve the environment as well as live a comfortably.

3) Use of Good Design

As much as you are creating a sustainable house ensure that the materials used to create the home are durable and easily recycled. The house should also adopt changes in the needs of the surrounding without incurring the cost in the future by building an extension and having energy efficient Windows.

Energy Efficient Windows
Use windows that are energy efficient to keep the house cool during the summer. You can install small-scale wind turbid that is made from a type of steel that is particularly popular in construction that can be found via online sources like the Network Steel. Also, this steel can easily be integrated into the width of timber stud wall frames.

4) Use Strategic Ways to Save and Collect Water

Some of the strategies include:

Water Tanks

You can ensure that your house has water tanks that can collect rainwater that will be used in the garden or the washrooms as part of proper utilization and saving of water. Also, harvesting rainwater will enable you to reduce the wastage of pipe water, hence resulting in sustainable living.

Drought Tolerant Plants
Plant drought tolerant is planned in your surrounding as they require less water to grow and can survive even during the drought season. Notably, this will ensure that your surrounding is beautiful all through the year to also an appealing look.

Lockable Taps
To save on water make sure to install lockable taps. Since this kind of types of tap assists in avoiding water wastage in the compound. Always, making sure that the water is turned off after use will prevent the misuse of water and contribute to the saving of water bills, hence increasing the level of sustainability in your compound.

5) Utilize the SunBuild a home that maximizes sunlight.

Passive Solar Heating Design
Use a passive solar heating design and make use of the daytime sun, this will ensure that the windows will let in energy and the heat absorbed will reduce the need for warming the house during the periods like winter.

Solar Power
Use solar power as this is a renewable source of energy that is cheap and does not pollute the environment. However, you should consider a few factors before installing solar energy. Installation of the solar once the seller will supply the house with clean and free electricity.

You can design a micro-climate in your home in that the design will allow your house to have lightweight ventilation during the dry or hot climate. Also, ensure that the house is well insulated and have good solar during the winter.


Creating and managing a sustainable house for you and your family will bring your family a positive atmosphere as well as enable your family to learn the importance of surrounding an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Also, in the long run, you will be able to save a lot of money. Besides, you should know that seeking advice from architectures that value sustainability will help you to incorporate more innovative ideas in the construction of your home.