Buying your first home printer

With thousands of printers on the market, it can be tough making a purchasing decision when faced with so many different options and capabilities. It’s fair to say that printers have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1953, and can provide you with so much more than just basic printing. Look at the introduction of 3D printing! While we haven’t quite mastered how to print our favorite pizza just yet, there are many different considerations and choices you need to make in regards to which printer is best for your home.


Generally speaking, there are four main options when it comes to home printers which you will be choosing from. These are; laser, all-in-one, single function inkjet, and photo printers. Not sure what’s best for you? Let’s take a closer look…


Laser home printer

If you are regularly printing text documents then a laser printer might be the best option for you. This is a good choice for home workers and small business owners who require frequent printing. They work by static electricity transferring tone from the cartridge and heating it on a page. You’ll find that they offer good value for money with high volumes of printing, but the cartridges are a little pricier than say inkjet. A worthwhile investment for those who work-from-home or print a great deal.


All-in-one printer

If you’re unsure on what model of printer you should purchase, an all-in-one seems like a pretty safe bet. These printers will also offer you other services alongside standard printing including photocopying and scanning, which is handy if you undertake a lot of home admin. In most cases, these are inkjet printers and usually have single cartridges which is ideal for when you need to replace only one color that’s running low. Great for both text and image-based document printing, this is a good all-rounder family printer.


Single function inkjet printer

Thousands of ink dots are squirted onto a page in order to print your document! This tends to be a popular choice due to its low cost, and ideal for those who are on a budget. If you aren’t looking for a machine with all the frills, and are simply looking for a printer that will print a handful of documents a month, then this is your best option. The ink cartridges are also easily replaceable when they do finally run out. Perfect for part-time printers who use their machine for personal documents such as holiday bookings, order confirmations and so on.


Photo printer

If you’re printing off large quantities of photos, and you want sharpness and precision then a photo printer is worth looking into. These are specifically designed for, yes, you guessed it, photos! They are also usually equipped with memory card slots and/or USB ports so you can upload your snaps directly to your printer. You can print off your holiday pics and curate that family photo album in no time at all!


Other considerations that you should think about when it comes to purchasing a new home printer is the cost of the ink, as while the initial outlay for the printer may seem cheap, the cartridges might be double the price of others. You may also want to look for a machine with built-in Wi-Fi to make life that bit easier. Happy printing!