CBD Infiltrates The Beauty Market



When cannabis was first legalized in the USA, nobody ever imagined the avenues through which it could be applied. Aside from being a great way to manage pain, inflammation, muscle spasticity, and sleep disorders, Cannabidiol (or CBD) is also making its way into the beauty market. In fact, it is the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that make it a great medicine for other ailments that also make it perfect as a beauty product.


As CBD enters other, well-established markets, the potential for expansion becomes enormous. Its introduction into the beauty market isn’t simply with lotions and face cleansers. In fact, many spas and salons around the USA are starting to offer CBD treatments where clients can elect to add CBD to their treatment. The everyday beauty customer now has access to a variety of different products that once upon a time would have seemed preposterous.


As we’re going to discover in this article, CBD as a beauty product means much more than just having a good complexion. It can be remedial in every sense of the word, helping those who suffer from acne, scarring or other difficult to treat dermatological problems.


CBD As Treatment For Acne



With all beauty marketing aside (because it can be extremely alluring), CBD has some scientifically backed effects in the treatment of acne. The ways that CBD can help those who suffer from acne can be broken down into three parts:


CBD slows down lipogenesis


For those who need a short biology crash course, lipogenesis is the way the body produces fats and oils. As most of us know, a lot of lipogeneses happens on the skin, where certain parts of the skin become oily. Whether CBD is ingested orally or applied topically, it can help to calm down those sebaceous glands responsible for releasing fats and oils into the skin. For some people, this is the cause of acne, so reducing lipogenesis can be an effective form of treatment.


CBD anti-inflammatory


CBD is often used by those who suffer from inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and even muscular inflammation. It is this exact same quality that could make it an effective skin treatment. In cases of acne, the pimples and sores often become red and inflamed. CBD can help to reduce this inflammation and therefore visibly reducing redness.


CBD is a form of stress management


The cannabis industry is always celebrating the fact that CBD (and THC for that matter) can be used to decrease stress and anxiety in a world that is full of stressors. At least in the case of adults, there is certainly a link between acne and severe stress. Reducing stress could be a pivotal factor in recovering from adult acne in particular.


CBD Is The Next Miracle Anti-Aging Compound



The beauty industry is constantly busying itself by finding the next anti-aging compound. It’s not surprising seeing as there are millions of women out there concerned with losing their aesthetic youth. So when CBD happened to stumble into the picture, why wouldn’t the beauty market take the opportunity to snap it up? After all, it is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamins C and E.


One of the most important aspects of anti-aging cosmetic products is antioxidants. Biological processes cause something called “free radicals”, which are essentially atoms that have lost electrons. Antioxidants basically undo this damage, stabilizing free radicals. A lack of antioxidants in a diet can cause an excess amount of free radicals, leading to cancer and other serious health conditions. With respect to beauty, too many free radicals mean a faster aging process. And this is where CBD steps in.


Aside from this, there are actually cannabinoid receptors all over the skin. This means that when any cannabinoid is consumed, there is a direct effect where there are cannabinoid receptors. As far as we know, cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system by restoring natural processes to their optimum performance. So whatever is lacking can essentially be reawakened.


Finally… A Natural Beauty Product



One thing that is particularly alarming about the beauty industry is that most products are jam-packed with chemicals that probably accelerate aging. A natural product should always be preferred over a chemical product, causing less harm to the skin. CBD offers that potential. With that in mind, it is a multi-purpose product that can be used by a person to treat aging, to relax muscles and even to assist with internal biological processes such as digestion.


Furthermore, CBD is a novel product that steps outside of the market fads. We know scientifically that it has certain qualities beneficial to a beauty regime, such as being anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It doesn’t even need to be treated in harsh chemical environments to be applicable. CBD oil can be applied directly to the skin or infused into coconut oil and used as a balm.


It’s no wonder that many salons across the USA have started to introduce CBD into treatments. It is effective, safe and natural. There’s almost no threat of adverse side effects, which is something most women know a little too much about from ambitious attempts at using beauty products in the past.


As CBD infiltrates the beauty market, we expect to see much more of it being used commercially in beauty treatments. On top of that, we also expect to see many more CBD-infused beauty products available for retail sale. All that’s left to say is that you never know until you try it!