COVID 19 State of the Art: Your Home in the Public Eye

Working from home means one thing, the world is watching. Now that you are doing both your working and living at home, it means that your boss and friends all have unfettered access to your home through video chat.

If the new twitter sensation dubbed Room Rater is anything to go by, everyone is interested and ready to review the state of the art in your home. Are your walls inspiring, or are they dreary and off-putting?

Every Videocon/chat is now an open-house

Television viewers have now turned into self-made interior décor critiques as reporters, commentators and journalists talk to us from home. Who is to say that your friends are not judging you in a similar manner? 

Those video calls that you take for work or social reasons are now like a home buying inspection. Everyone gets to see what you have at home, the beauty and the mess, all of it. 

While letting everyone into your home opens you up to potential criticisms, it can be a wakeup call. Experts report that that such live communications from home may help to inspire you to make your home presentable. 

So when you make that video call, remember that the person on the other end will be paying attention to your walls.

Room Rater Gives a 1 out of 10 for blank walls

The Twitter account gives the lowest rating to homes with blank walls. These homes they say look like those in "hostage videos." While having a few bare walls may not justify such a rating, having all your walls empty and boring can be daunting. 

Many people, including professional interior designers and the self-proclaimed ones, concur that wall art adds life to a home. Art makes your home feel like someone lives there.

Use these 4 easy touch-ups for your walls this season

Show your taste. Now that your home is open to the world, albeit virtually, spend the extra minutes you have for decoration. Here are some recommendations to bring those walls to life and save face.

Try mirrors: Mirrors are simple as an interior décor tool. If installed the right way, mirrors can add a luxurious feel to a home. 

They also make your rooms feel a lot bigger and brighter. You can hang mirrors in your study, dining room or bedroom. Try hanging them in front of photographs or murals for a dramatic flair.

Murals are a must: Murals change the entire ambience of a room and are hard to miss for whoever is trying to rate your style this season. This photo wall shop makes it easier for you to buy murals without leaving the house. They have many styles for each of your rooms. 

You can play around with floral patterned photo walls to outdoorsy designs like sunrise wallpapers among others.

Wall tapestry works great too: Textile art is less of a hustle. This is a kind of fabric décor that can add excitement and color to your walls. You can hang fabric art in your living room behind the sofa or the bedroom. Installing textile art only requires push pins or Velcro tape and a frame. 

Use colorful baskets: This is another easy to pull off wall décor idea when you can't handle a major renovation project. Shop online for many colorful baskets and put them on your wall. 

Or, take the many baskets lying around your home and splash them with craft paint. Baskets make an impressive gallery wall in your living room.

Make your home presentable. The world is watching.

There are no more baseball games. There are no movie premiers or comedy nights. Your home is now what people have to peek into and critique.

If social esteem matters to you, now would be the time to personalize your home and achieve authenticity. Make your home reflect your personality. 

People are getting 'home shamed' for what their decor lacks and for everything that is out of place. Peter Baker of the New York Times knows that too well. 

A Room Rater pointed out the empty wall behind him, which surprisingly had a picture hook but no picture. Peter got the point, and he, later on, tweeted that he had asked his wife to hang something on the wall.

But you can't please everybody. 

The criticisms will come either way. However, when everything in your home authentically reflects your taste, there shouldn't be a reason to fear. 

Do your home some artistic justice, and you will have the latitude to shake it off when Room Raters nitpick your decor.