Can A Palm Reading Really Provide Insight Into Your Future?


It has been believed for a long time that the hand contains a lot of information concerning an individual. Over the years, palm readers have been able to examine this information and use it to predict the future of a certain individual. Some researchers say the hand is a fossilized hub of information since it is formed early during foetal development.


So the question remains does this information really have an influence on someone's future? We will look at how palmistry works and whether it is actually a plausible source of insight into your future.




Studies show that there is a correlation between the ratio of the length of your index finger to that of your ring finger and your character attributes. Scientifically, the ring finger length is an indication of exposure to prenatal testosterone whose effects are life long.


Take for instance a man with a longer ring finger than index finger. Some of the possible traits he might possess include an attractive face, improved athletic ability and probably in the future, he may be able to sire more children as compared to one who has a shorter ring finger and longer index finger.


In the latter case, the man is more likely to be schizophrenic and experience early heart disease. However, he is also less likely to be autistic and less prone to ADHD. Another study found that kids with longer index fingers are more likely to resist temptation.


Symmetry and development.


Most men with matching hands and fingers are more likely to have a faster and more plentiful sperm than the latter case. Studies also show that men with mismatched hands are more likely to be depressed frequently.


Information on an individual's early development can be provided by the lines on the hands. For example, people with Down Syndrome or those with foetal alcohol syndrome and children born to mothers who had measles while pregnant are known to have a 'simian crease'. This is a horizontal line which stretches across the palm from one edge to the other.




Some studies show that people with abnormal fingerprint patterns, with an excessive number of certain arches, whorls or ridges mostly appear among people with schizophrenia and those who may develop diabetes later in life. This is a possible sign of disruption during the gestation period, such as maternal illness.


Males are more prone to abnormal fingerprints than females. This is usually due to the higher vulnerability of male embryos than female embryos to environmental influences as studies have shown. A particular study shows that people with a propensity to consume a lot of salt and preservatives leave sweater saltier prints that are likely to corrode some metals.


With all this information, how does one really read palms? Let's look at a few steps.


Identify the hand for reading.


In palmistry, each hand is either active or passive. Your dominant hand, the one you use mostly for example when writing or holding a spoon, is your active hand while the other hand is your passive hand. Palm reading mainly entails examining your dominant traits and using that information to determine the choices you make in the future. The passive hand shows your inherited traits and thus is read as a baseline while your dominant hand shows the changes in your life.


Know the lines and how to interpret them.


Once you have chosen which hand to read, it is important to know the types of lines and what each line represents.


1. The Heart Line


This line runs horizontally across the top of the palm. It actually shows both the physical and emotional state of the heart. If it starts below the index finger, it means you are picky in terms of love. If it begins in the middle of the palm, you easily fall in love. If it is not there at all, you are a person who is ruled by logic more than emotion.


2. The Head Line.


It stretches horizontally across the palm just below the heart line. It represents both the physical and emotional state of your mind. If it is not there you are more likely a sluggish person. A faint line shows that a person lacks concentration and good memory while a deep one suggests high concentration and good memory.


A short headline shows you are a practical person while a long one shows you are focused and successful with a slight tendency to be selfish. A straight headline will show you are organized and that you pay close attention to detail while a curved one shows you are creative.


3. The Life Line.


This line begins between the thumb and first finger and curves downwards towards the wrist. In contrast to common belief, it does not show how long you will live, but it shows your various strengths such as prosperity and vitality.


If you do not have a lifeline then you're usually considered to be anxious and nervous. Faint lines show low energy while long, deep lines show good health. A curvy life line shows abundant energy. A life line with breaks in it represents sudden changes in your lifestyle.


4. The Fate Line


Though not present in everyone, it usually stretches vertically from the base of the palm towards the middle. It is usually a representation of various aspects of your life, such as a career path and success. If you have a deep fate line, it means your life will be controlled by fate. If it is joined to the lifeline it shows you are a self-made individual.


Some people say that palmistry is the pure superstitious belief, while others may think it is just tricks. The article above shows that there is more to palmistry than meets the eye. Hopefully, with all that has been said in this article, you can view it in a better perspective.


That said, palmistry may not really be that popular but you can really learn a lot about yourself through your hands. In doing so, you might have a glimpse of a possible future of your life. So why not have a go at it see what happens?