Can You Turn Your Back Garden Into A Goldmine? Here’s How

Can You Turn Your Back Garden Into A Goldmine? Here’s How

Maintaining a back garden, irrespective of the size, isn’t a joke. It requires a lot of time and effort, the thought of which weakens the feeble knees. Only those who have a passion for cultivating gardens find the courage to put on the shift needed. If you are part of the small percentage who cultivate gardens as a hobby, the time and effort you put into making your garden thrive can be more rewarding. Beyond hobby, you can make money from your garden. You can turn your back garden into a goldmine. The money-making opportunities presented by any garden are numerous and limitless. The only limitation to how much you can make from your garden is your creativity. 

Before we go further, we will like to first discuss what is likely to be your yield. One of the questions we get asked the most is how much can a 4x4 tent yield? There is really no straightforward answer to this question. We have seen someone getting a yield of 15oz + 20grams with just a single plant, we have also seen someone going for 4 plants in the same 4x4 tent and yielding just about 25oz during harvest. What you must know is that the space you give each plant will go a long way in determining your harvest. It all depends on your spacing. We have seen people going for a plant per square foot, some go for as many as eight plants in a 4x4 tent and different varieties. Also, it depends on what you plant. Some plants require a lot of space while some do not need that much spacing.

A few of the numerous things you can do to make quite a significant amount of money from your back garden are as follow:

Profitable plants

While you can make money by planting virtually any plant, some are highly profitable. As a garden owner, commit yourself to discover the highly profitable plants that your soil and environment support. Two of the highly profitable plants are listed below:

Garlic: This is one of the easiest plants to have in your garden yet highly rewarding being one of the most-used spices in the world.

Mushrooms: these, especially exotic ones, are very profitable because they are scarce and in high demand. In recent times, the number of people demanding mushrooms has shot up due to recent discoveries about their health benefits and you could take advantage of this.

Can You Turn Your Back Garden Into A Goldmine? Here’s How


Selling your produce

Full Plants

Except you have people who know about your garden and need, as well as willing to buy, your products, selling full plants is not an easy task by any standards. Nevertheless, there are good options to explore. A deal with a local nursery provides the guarantee of a level based on the agreed period. EBay is another way to get full plants sold quite easily, so far, you understand how it works.

Seeds and seedlings

These are easier to sell than full plants. But careful not to oversell, or you’ll run out and find yourself trying to purchase these more than you should. 

Fresh herbs

These are even easier to sell than seed and seedlings. You can sell them either dried or fresh. You can offer it to restaurants as no chef in their right mind would not be interested in home-grown spices

Rent it to others

If you feel you won’t be able to put in the necessary effort to make the most of your garden, you can rent it to someone who does the planting and selling. You get rent, that could be substantial, in return. You can rent the whole garden or a separate part to others depending on what you are willing to be involved in.

Community garden

If you are not open to renting your garden, whether as a whole or part, to others, turning it into a community garden would be a good proposition. Some people in the community are brought together and the responsibilities of the cultivation of the garden are shared among them. Produce from such gardens are often donated to people who are less privileged or shared among the people who were part of the processes. You can charge membership fees, though these gardens are funded by donations.

Sell photos

A good number of the stock images people pay hundreds of dollars to get are taken by people like you. By people like you, I mean they are not photography experts and neither did they use expensive cameras. Whatever it is you planted in your garden, take a few pictures anytime you enter. By the time you try this a few times, you will be able to snap pictures good enough for a purchase. You will be paid commission for all of your images purchased once you have an account with any of the stock photo sites.

Raise bees

You can make thousands of dollars each year by raising bees in your garden.  Besides getting honey to sell to people, you also sell bees to other farmers.

Raise chickens

Raising chickens in your garden can be very profitable, especially in cities where a chicken can go for about $20 and egg for $1. Besides this great gain, the waste of chickens provides good nutrients for the soil. The chickens can also feed on scraps which leads to waste reduction. 

Wedding and party Avenue

If your garden is a bit big and beautiful for pictures, then you may want to consider offering it for weddings and other parties. Talk to wedding and event planners in your area, they will value your garden as well as get clients for you. 

In conclusion, you can turn your back garden to a gold mine and you have seen how. Apply the above tips and make quite significant amounts of money from or through your garden. Remember that no space is a liability for any homeowner, as long as you are driven enough to maximize its potential. The possibilities are endless, especially with today’s innovations with urban farming.