Choosing Between Curtains or Blinds

When it comes to window decor you have two main options curtains and blinds. You’ll find plenty of designs and suppliers for both of these although I think it’s fair to say curtains are still the most popular of the two.

But if you take a look around, you’ll likely see plenty of examples of both. For example, both curtains and blinds in London are a relatively common sight, yet they offer very distinct differences to your overall style and décor. Making a choice between the two options can be challenging. 

So, let’s take a closer look at blinds and curtains in more detail to see the benefits and potential drawbacks of them both. So, you can better work out which option is best for your home. Let’s begin our examination by looking at what most people would say is the more modern choice with blinds.


So, let’s get the first point out of the way - are blinds a more modern alternative to curtains? Yes, they are, at least in the vast majority of cases, but just because they aren’t as old as the traditional curtain design that doesn’t mean they will always be the best choice.

Many people have probably experienced blinds in an office setting but these are usually going to be quite old and awkward to operate. These aren’t really the sort of blinds you’ll want in your home and few people realize just how many different styles of blinds they actually are.

Vertical and Venetian blinds are just two of the most common choices, Roman blinds are also worth mentioning because these in many ways act a hybrid between traditional blinds and curtains. You also have more décor and color options with Roman blinds as well. With most types of blinds, you will really only have an option of what color to choose.

Unless you are willing to pay more money finding blinds with patterns or more intricate designs it can be very difficult to find something that will stand out. The main benefit of blinds is that they allow you to more finely control how much light is allowed into your home.

They also to most people look much more modern than curtains and are stronger and easier to clean. Blinds also have the benefit of being more versatile as they can be used in every room of your home, unlike curtains. However, blinds can be more expensive, more difficult to actually control and won’t always block out all the light like a pair of curtains would.  


Curtains might be old, but they still do the job and some would argue they do it best! Curtains come in many different styles although most will follow the same basic principle meaning using them will be quick and easy. However, they don’t offer the same finesse and level of control as blinds do when it comes to letting in light.

Curtains do have the benefit of offering much more when it comes to design and color though. You can find curtains to fit all kinds of home décor styles and to suit many different rooms. However, curtains due to their larger size might not be suitable for every room of your home.

But if you buy the right curtains you will usually find them more effective than blinds. For example, blackout curtains are much more effective at keeping out the light when compared to blinds. Which means if you are a light sleeper and want to ensure you get a good night’s rest opting for curtains could be the better choice.

Curtains are considered more old-fashioned than blinds but this really all depends on the style and color/ design of the curtains you get. Curtains will also on average be the cheaper of the two options although some more luxurious styles of curtain will be more expensive.

However, one advantage blinds do have over curtains is their strength and simplicity when it comes to cleaning. Curtains will often get dirtier much more quickly and can take a while to get properly cleaned and dry. Curtains especially if they are made of thinner materials won’t be as strong as blinds either.  

So, that is the lowdown on curtains and blinds both make fine choices but each has its own unique benefits. So, think carefully about what kind of style and look you want for your home before deciding which is best.