Choosing the Right Crystals for Healing

Choosing the Right Crystals for Healing


Crystals are nature's gift to mankind because of the quality it can add to a person's life. It has innate healing powers because of their ability to connect to the body and the energy around you. People have loved using crystals for different purposes and it has been included in different healing processes over the years. Not just for their inherent beauty, crystals have been known to promote health and vitality. 


In the search for the right crystal for you, focus on the properties you want and need in your life. If your purpose is for the healing of the body and mind, there is always the right crystal for your need.


Body and Health Problems

Many people today experience a lot of health problems largely due to stress, toxic lifestyles, and environmental pollution. Health issues start to appear when these factors take a toll on a person's body. Modern medicine and technology have provided people with the aid and relief they would need to alleviate symptoms of diseases and illnesses but this does not always translate to total and complete healing. Many people have been keen on taking a holistic approach to deal with their health problems. They do this in order to get better in the long run while maintaining a quality life rid of any further symptoms. In doing so, you may need an approach that you can incorporate in your daily life and everyday routine, not just an instant solution and relief. Healing crystals have been known to quietly protect people from pain experienced with illnesses, drugs and other medication's side effects. These are as common as headaches, gut problems, and sleep disorders. In finding help for sleeping problems, Lepidolite and Howlite stones have properties that encourage calm energy to help a person secure a good night’s sleep. 


Numerous crystals that can help with the different sources of pain are also common. Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli helps with the nervous system to help release blockages that cause pain, particularly headache. Turquoise helps with stress while Citrine, Apatite, and Garnet help relieve stomach problems for better digestion and comfort. For women with fertility problems, Moonstone can help with hormonal balance and helps eliminate toxins that cause menstrual cramps and PMS. Clear Quartz are stones that can aid any health condition and also amplifies the energy of other stones to strengthen their healing properties.


Choosing the Right Crystals for Healing

Emotional Issues

The problem of the heart is one of the most common reasons why people seek crystal healing. Safe to say, there is no medicine or technology that can help with any heartache and emotional brokenness. Since crystals also connect with your energy, you can turn to them to help you recover and get over problems that you are currently experiencing.


For people dealing with aggression, the neutralizing properties of Blue Lace Agate can help with anger management issues allowing a more soothing temperament. If your anger stems from issues of forgiveness, a Rose Quartz can be the perfect stone for you as it helps promote self-love and compassion. If anger is accompanied by extreme feelings of jealousy, a Peridot stone can help you out by evoking feelings of appreciation and gratitude which are more positive ones. For a lack of luster in life which has caused a state of apathy or lack of passion, a Red Jasper is what you need for that revival of vitality and creativity. 


Due to the increased problems in the aspects of everyday life, stones that help with anxiety and worry are great accompaniments. The best ones for this task as Black Tourmaline and Angelite. The practicality of being able to wear these as a crystal pendant makes it easy to bring healing as part of a lifestyle. You can incorporate your healing crystals into your daily pieces of clothing so you can take the process with you anytime. When hanging around your neck as a pendant, it can hang closer to the heart.


Spiritual Connection

There would be times when the energy you have lost made you lose connection with the spirit and yourself. This healing can be aided by looking into crystals that can help remind you of your spirituality. An Amethyst Stone, for example, can help with enhancing your intuition and other psychic abilities. A Moldavite is a powerful crystal that aids in transformation and synchronicity in your life. A Selenite can help people raise their consciousness while a Celestite helps amplify spiritual connection. If you are looking into a stone that can help with quieting your troubled mind, then you can have a Fluorite which can help you have a deeper insight into yourself. 


The best method in choosing a stone is finding that one you can connect with. Intuition plays a big role if you choose a stone by touching and feeling them when you can. Researching the best stone to help you address your problems is also best if you are looking into buying stones off online shops. If you are unsure, seeking the guidance and advice of your crystal lady will help you make the decision in which stone to get. 



These different stones, combined with other crystals, can aid a person in deep meditation as they quiet their minds and look deep within themselves. This is important in finding balance as you are able to address different problems even with just one stone. Crystals allow a person to connect with their body, mind, and emotion more deeply which leads to a deeper understanding of themselves and their internal issues. Crystals also serve as protection against other negative energies that are threatening a person. 


Choosing the Right Crystals for Healing


Even if most crystals are known for their healing properties, they are also useful even to people who do not seem to have any pressing problems. There is a crystal for every need in terms of needing one for prosperity, happiness, and wealth. You don't have to endure problems and other issues anymore by seeking more help. Crystals can be an additional source of healing that can also add more quality to your life. No matter what problems or dilemmas you face, there is always the right stone for you.