Christmas in Hawaii: Na Koa Kai Luau Recap

The Na Koa Kai Canoe Club threw a Christmas Luau in Cielo Village

Cielo Village

Mel Barcenilla Cristobal

Saturday December 5th saw Cielo Village transform into a Hawaiian wonderland as the Na Koa Kai Canoe Club raised money towards helping children within their community. The event was a fun, casual affair filled with good food, Hawaiian cocktails, and live cultural performances. The Cielo Village was decked out in holiday lights, red linens, and Polynesian decor. A large red canoe and wrapped Christmas presents decorated the venue. The scene was set with mellow, live Hawaiian music as guests walked down a red-carpet and into their Hawaiian paradise. Each guest was greeted with a shell necklace, and VIP guests were given complementary tropical cocktails.


The Na Koa Kai Canoe Club is a nonprofit charity organization that encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle in children while simultaneously perpetuating Hawaiian culture. They are an organization that promotes leadership and teamwork for youth through canoes. 


The Na Koa Kai Canoe Club raised money during their Christmas in Hawaii luau through a silent auction. Bidders fought over one-of-a-kind tropical art pieces, photographs, yoga classes, and baskets filled with amazing products. Near the back of the general admission section, Pasifika Drums and Repair sold handmade drums, arts pieces, and necklaces.


Na Koa Kai Canoe Club

The food at the event was amazing. Catered by both Ono’s Cafe and Halphen Red Burgers, guests were treated to delicious appetizers like coconut shrimp and eggrolls. For dinner, guests dined on fresh tropical fruit, roast pig, potato salad, and a delicious salad with a citrus dressing. The Bad Ass Coffee Company was also present at the event, serving free Kona coffee to all guests.


Kyle Trudell in Cielo Village

One of the most amazing aspects of the Na Koa Kai Canoe Club’s Christmas in Hawaii event was Kyle Trudelle of Trudelle Galleries, who painted a sunset on a surfboard live during the event. He began painting when the event kicked off at 6pm, and by the time the event ended, Trudelle’s surfboard was a colorful masterpiece. 


Na Koa Kai Canoe Club

In the final hour of the event, Polynesian dancers took to the stage to perform Tahitian dance. The two groups of dancers that performed were Tipanie O Patitifa and Te Rahiti Nui. Both groups gave fabulous, lively performances with fast hips and swishy grass skirts. The costumes were intricate and beautiful, and the dancers wowed the audience. The night ended with a fire dancer performing in Cielo Village.


Overall, the Na Koa Kai Canoe Club’s charity Christmas in Hawaii event was beautiful and appropriately festive! For more information about how to donate to this wonderful charity, visit