Clever Organization Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Cleaner


Whether you live alone, with a roommate, or with family, your bathroom is easily one of the most visited rooms in your house. Even with that, many people tend to overlook the importance of having a conveniently organized space to get ready in the morning and freshen up before bed. If you fall under that category, worry not; there are countless solutions and products to help you achieve a more functional and cleaner looking bathroom, regardless of its square footage.


To help you, we’ve compiled some tips you’ll find quite useful on how to optimize your bathroom space and make the day-to-day organization a piece of cake. They’re bound to remedy some common hygiene-related frustrations and will have you wanting to spend more time in there!

1. Start With a Deep Declutter

For starters, understand that your bathroom is no place for hoarding. A great first step toward a neater space is to inventory everything in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, having a lot of stuff can quickly take up valuable space. If something doesn’t belong in there, find a more suitable place to store it. If a certain toiletry is expired, simply throw it away. You’ll only want to keep what’s absolutely necessary to your grooming routine, along with any indispensable cleaning items.

2. Organize Your Shower

Since showering is a daily activity, optimizing your shower area is a crucial step. Particularly for those with limited space, you’ll want to make use of every available inch for a convenient and stress-free time under the hot water. Among the many options available, you could look into getting a shower caddy that hangs easily or can be fitted into a corner. If you’re in need of expert advice, the in-depth review at suggests you go for one made of aluminum rather than stainless steel for better durability. It’s a useful purchase to keep all your toiletries organized and avoid having the bottles to fall over or get in your way while you’re lathering up.

3. Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve kept only your essentials, it’s time for a complete overhaul. The key to a cleaner bathroom is having appropriate appliances for you to store everything without any trouble. Depending on your bathroom size and layout, you’ll want to exploit your existing drawers and cabinets to compartmentalize various care products, medicines, cleaning supplies, and any other items. Dividers are a good solution to categorize your belongings and avoid messy drawers. If your wet area is lacking storage options — limited space under the sink, small countertop, no closet, then consider going shopping at your local store. Always remember to purchase furniture that’s adequate to your space and needs; do not simply rely on a vague idea of what you should typically buy for a bathroom.

4. Use that Wall Space


In a similar vein, instead of keeping that naked wall empty and sad, why not exploit and put up some extra shelves or a storage ladder? Aside from adding a certain charm to your bathroom, you will definitely score functionality points. There are several options to choose from to adorn that lonely wall and gain convenient storage space.

5. Towel Business

Towels can take up a lot of room, especially if there are many people around the house. As such, your best choice for avoiding clutter is to keep your towels, of all sizes, neatly folded and kept away in a designated cabinet.


Alternatively, you can opt for a vertically folded rack to keep your towels and washcloths properly stacked while making the best of that extra wall space.

6. Vanity

A perfect way to save up space and organize your beauty routine is to avoid having many small items on your vanity. This quickly gives the illusion of clutter, particularly if yours doesn’t have a large countertop. To remedy this, invest in some cool and practical items such as wall-mounted adhesive caddies, magnet organizers, or hanging wire crates. They’ll come in super handy for smaller spaces and add a unique, eclectic touch to your washroom.


All things considered, achieving a neat and clean looking bathroom is within everyone’s reach. Not only will better organization save you valuable time and energy and prevent hassles, it will help bring a polished, zen atmosphere. With some planning and a few suitable purchases, you’re bound to find a layout that works for you. When you do, it’s just a matter of keeping those good habits alive! You can do all of this without having to break the bank, either.