Commercial Photography: How To & Top Tips


When it comes to getting some commercial photography done, the reality is that the business clients that hire the professional photographers want to make sure that the commercial photography will truly enhance their business in a positive manner. They want the photography to enable their products and services to be captured in the best possible way in order to promote sales and growth. This is what ISA AYDIN commercial photography seeks to do every time for all clients who seek commercial photography services. To achieve this, there are indeed some important things to consider that must be incorporated to guarantee the provision of the best commercial photography results for clients.

Get acquainted with the product

No commercial photographer should ever show up to do a photo shoot of a product without first getting acquainted with the product that the client is promoting and selling. This means that the photographer needs to see the product in person before the photo shoot. It is great if the photographer can have a sample of the product to use and examine for a few days or weeks. This will help the photographer to come up with ideas for the best types of photos for the product and to incorporate the best elements in the photos, such as the right backdrop, the correct lighting, and the best positioning.

Understand the clients’ ideas

Communicate with the clients about what they want. It is imperative to incorporate the ideas of the clients regarding the types of commercial photos they want. Ask them directly what they want to see in their photos. Maybe they have a certain backdrop they want to use. Maybe they have a certain lighting technique they want you to achieve. 


Take notes


Commercial photography does not mean that the photographer starts snapping the commercial photos right away. It is a good idea for the photographer to keep notes. Those notes can include impressions about the product. These notes can serve to spurn creative ideas for the commercial photography session. Also, take notes regarding the ideas of the client. This will ensure that you do not forget anything that the client communicated to you and that you will get the commercial photography exactly right in order to satisfy your client’s needs and expectations.

Do not rush

Commercial photography is not done in just one quick session. It takes several practice runs of photo shoots. Then the final day arrives when the final photo shoot takes place. This helps to ensure that the best lighting, best background and best positioning of the product are portrayed in the commercial photography. Thus, it is normal for a commercial photography session to take more than one day and to take many hours.

Use matt paint

When you are using a space for the purpose of conducting commercial photography, it is imperative that the walls do not provide a glare from any lighting that you use during the photo shoot. Otherwise, pictures will be of a rather poor quality. Therefore, it is recommended that space is painted with a matt finish in the shade of white or gray for the best results.